Professional Poultry Processing Guide
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Poultry Products Processing
An Industry Guide
by Shai Barbut

Poultry Products Processing: An Industry Guide covers all major aspects of the modern poultry further processing industry.

The author provides a comprehensive guide to the many steps involved in converting poultry muscle (chicken, turkey, duck, ratite, etc.) into meat and highlights the critical points required to assure high quality and safe product manufacturing.


  • Most up-to-date, practical guide to all aspects of commercial poultry further processing
  • Focuses on commercially produced products including recipes, descriptions of ingredients, and detailed processing procedures
  • Includes processing equipment, principles of equipment operation, and equipment trends
  • Latest information on inspection, grading and HACCP programs used in industry
  • Details food microorganisms of concern to the poultry industry, with prevention methods for each processing step
  • Includes by-products and waste treatment

  1. Poultry Meat Processing and Product Technology
    • Production
    • Consumption
    • Trends in Poultry Meat Marketing
    • Export Markets

  2. Basic Anatomy and Muscle Biology
    • Structure of Meat-Producing Poultry
    • Muscle Tissue
    • Muscle Proteins
    • Muscle Contraction
    • Fiber Type
    • Epithelial Tissue
    • Nervous Tissue
    • Connective Tissue
    • Postmortem Changes

  3. Catching and Hauling Live Birds
    • Catching
    • Hauling

  4. Primary Processing of Poultry
    • Receiving and Weighing
    • Stunning
    • Bleeding
    • Scalding
    • Feather Removal
    • Oil Gland and Feet Removal
    • Rehanging
    • Evisceration
    • Inspection
    • Giblet Harvest
    • Lung, Head, and Crop Removal
    • Inside/Outside Bird Wash
    • Chilling
    • Weighing, Grading and Packing
    • Optional Treatments Electrical Stimulation

  5. Stunning of Poultry
    • Electrical Stunning
    • Gas Stunning
    • Mechanical Stunning
    • No Stunning
    • Studying the Effect of Stunning on Electroencephalogram (EEG)
    • Neck Cutting and Bleeding

  6. Inspection, Grading, Cut Up and Composition
    • Inspection
    • Grading and Classification
    • Classification
    • Cut Up and Yield
    • Composition

  7. Preservation by Chilling, Heating, and Other Means
    • Preservation by Low Temperature (Chilling, Freezing)
    • Thawing
    • Preservation by High Temperature
    • Drying
    • Preservation by Chemicals
    • Radiation

  8. Meat Processing Equipment
    • Size Reduction
    • Mixing
    • Injection
    • Tenderization and Maceration
    • Tumbling and Massaging
    • Stuffing and Linking
    • Forming
    • Battering and Breading
    • Cooking
    • Smoking
    • Slicing and Dicing
    • Packaging
    • Metal Detection

  9. Poultry Products Formulations and Gelation
    • Processed Poultry Products
    • Non-Meat Ingredients
    • Recipes
    • Protein Gelation
    • Comminuted Meat Batters (Meat "Emulsions")

  10. Battering and Breading
    • Pre-Dusting
    • Battering
    • Breading
    • Developing a Batter and Breading System
    • Frying
    • Freezing
    • Troubleshooting

  11. Microbiology and Sanitation
    • Types of Microorganisms and Growth
    • Factors Affecting Microbial Growth
    • Assessing the Number of Microorganisms
    • Potential Contamination Sources during Poultry Processing
    • Significant Microorganisms in Poultry Meat
    • Sanitation in Poultry Processing Plants
    • Sampling and Microbiological Criteria

  12. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)
    • The Seven HACCP Principles
    • HACCP Models
    • Poultry Slaughter Model
    • Cooked Product Model
    • Battered and Breaded Chicken Fillets

  13. Meat Color and Flavor
    • Meat Color
    • Factors Affecting Skin and Meat Color
    • Color Defects
    • Flavor of Poultry Meat

  14. Measuring Sensory and Functional Properties
    • Sensory Evaluation
    • Texture
    • Water-Holding Capacity (WHC)
    • Fat-Holding Capacity

  15. By-Products and Waste
    • Feathers
    • Offal and Bone
    • The Pet Food Industry
    • Rendering
    • Wastewater Treatment


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Poultry Products Processing
An Industry Guide
by Shai Barbut

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