Powder Technology Handbook from C.H.I.P.S.

Powder Technology Handbook
Third Edition
edited by Hiroaki Masuda

Powder Technology Handbook provides a comprehensive guide to powder technology while examining the fundamental engineering processes of particulate technology.


  • Contains more than 70 chapters, each divided into seven parts for easy comparison of different powder technologies
  • Includes more than 400 figures and nearly 100 tables for concise snapshots of concepts in phenomena, equipment, and specific technologies
  • Discusses newly developed areas such as simulation, surface analysis, and nanoparticles
  • Provides strategies applicable to problem-solving in wide range of scenarios
  • Updates and expands coverage by more than 30% and combines several former sections for easier reference


Particle Characterization and Measurement

  • Particle Size
  • Size Measurement
  • Particle Shape Characterization
  • Particle Density
  • Hardness, Stiffness and Toughness of Particles
  • New! Surface Properties and Analysis

Fundamental Properties of Particles

  • Diffusion of Particles
  • Optical Properties
  • New! Particle Motion in Fluid
  • Particle Sedimentation
  • Particle Electrification and Electrophoresis
  • Adhesive Force of a Single Particle
  • Particle Deposition and Reentrainment
  • Agglomeration (Coagulation)
  • Viscosity of Slurry
  • Particle Impact Breakage
  • Sintering
  • Ignition and Combustion Reaction
  • Solubility and Dissolution Rate
  • Mechanochemistry

Fundamental Properties of Powder Beds

  • Adsorption Characteristics
  • Moisture Content
  • Electrical Properties
  • Magnetic Properties
  • Packing Properties
  • Capillarity of Porous Media
  • Permeation (Flow through Porous Medium)
  • Specific Surface Area
  • New! Mechanical Properties of a Powder Bed
  • Fluidity of Powder
  • Blockage of Storage Vessels
  • Segregation of Particles
  • Vibrational and Acoustic Characteristics

Particle Generation and Fundamentals

  • Aerosol Particle Generation
  • Generation of Particles by Reaction
  • Crystallization
  • New! Design and Formation of Composite Particles
  • Dispersion of Particles
  • Electrical Charge Control
  • Surface Modification
  • Standard Powders and Particles

Powder Handling and Operations

  • Crushing and Grinding
  • Classification
  • Storage (Silo)
  • Feeding
  • Transportation
  • Mixing
  • Slurry Conditioning
  • Granulation
  • Kneading and Plastic Forming
  • Drying
  • New! Combustion
  • Dust Collection
  • Electrostatic Separation
  • Magnetic Separation
  • Gravity Thickening
  • Filtration
  • Expression
  • Flotation
  • New! Electrostatic Powder Coating
  • Multipurpose Equipment
  • New! Simulation

Process Instrumentation

  • Powder Sampling
  • Particle Sampling in Gas Flow
  • Concentration and Flow Rate Measurement
  • Level Measurement of a Powder Bed
  • Temperature Measurement of Powder
  • On-Line Measurement of Moisture Content
  • Tomography

Working Atmospheres and Hazards

  • Health Effects Due to Particle Matter; I. Tanaka and H. Yamato
  • Respiratory Protective Devices for Particulate Matter; I. Tanaka and H. Hori
  • Spontaneous Ignition and Dust Explosion


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Powder Technology Handbook
Third Edition
edited by Hiroaki Masuda

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