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Pressure Vessels:
The ASME Code Simplified
Eighth Edition
by J. Phillip Ellenberger et al

Get Up to Speed with the ASME Code!

Revised and updated, this classic engineering tool simplifies the tasks of understanding and applying the complex ASME Code for fabricating, purchasing, testing, and inspecting pressure vessels.


  • An understanding of the history of standards for Code compliance
  • The various ways different standards acheive compliance
  • The difference and interaction between various standards

Clearly explaining changes in B31.3, this Eighth Edition of Pressure Vessels: The ASME Code Simplified makes it easier to achieve Code compliance on any pressure-vessel-related project, to obtain ASME Code certification, and to meet performance goals in the most cost-effective way possible.

This reference explains the value of Code standards, shows you how the Code applies to each component, and clarifies requirements that may be confusing. This valuable text also features tables for caluclating allowable internal pressures.

Learn how to comply with ASME standards for:

  • Safety procedures for design and maintenance
  • Inspection and quality control
  • Welding
  • Nondestructive testing
  • Fabrication and installation
  • Pressure vessels in nuclear power plants

Filled with helpful solutions to typical problems, the new edition of this handy working tool will give you the expertise you need to deal with all the changes in requirements for pressure vessels.


  1. Origin, Development and Jurisdiction of the ASME Code
  2. Descriptive Guide to the ASME Code Section VIII, Division 1 Pressure Vessels
  3. Elements of Joints Design for Heads
  4. Design for Safety
  5. Guide to Quality Control Systems for ASME Code Vessels
  6. Inspection and Quality Control of ASME Code Vessels
  7. Welding, Welding Procedure, and Operator Qualification
  8. Nondestructive Examination
  9. ASME Code Section VIII, Division 2 Alternative Rules
  10. Nuclear Vessels and Required Quality Assurance Systems
  11. Department of Transportation Requirements for Cargo Tanks
  12. ISO 9000 Quality Assurance Systems

Cylinder Volume
Circumferences of Cylinders
Decimal Equivalents and Theoretical Weights of Steel
Pipe Wall Thicknesses
Dry Saturated Steam Temperatures
Metric (SI) Units; English and Metric Conversions

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Pressure Vessels:
The ASME Code Simplified 8th Edition

by J. Phillip Ellenberger et al
2004 • 319 pages • $94.00 + shipping

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