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Principles and Practice of Pain Medicine
Second Edition
by Carol A. Warfield

Principles and Practice of Pain Medicine covers every aspect of diagnosing and treating specific pain conditions and syndromes.

Principles and Practice of Pain Medicine features a concise introduction to basic concepts in pain management, plus an expanded section on evaluation and assessment techniques.


Pain: History and General Principles

  1. Pain: Historical Perspectives
  2. Current Concepts in the Neurological Assessment of Pain
  3. Definitions and Classifications of Pain

Pain: Anatomy, Physiology and Biology

  1. Anatomy and Physiology of Pain
  2. Molecular Biology of Pain
  3. Pathophysiology of Pain

Fundamentals of Pain Evaluation

  1. Understanding the Patient in Chronic Pain
  2. Radiological Evaluation of Spinal Disease
  3. Role of Electrodiagnostics in Pain Assessments

Behavioral Concepts in Pain Medicine

  1. Psychological Aspects of Pain
  2. Essentials of Psychological Evaluation and Testing
  3. Individual and Group Therapy/Pain and Mind-Body Medicine
  4. Inpatient Model of Chronic Pain

Pain By Anatomic Location

  1. Epidemiology of Headaches
  2. Historical Features in Primary Headache Syndromes
  3. Pathophysiology of Headaches
  4. Chronic Daily Headaches
  5. Common Headache Syndromes
  6. Refractory Headaches
  7. Organic Headaches
  8. Facial Pain
  9. Oral/Dental Pain
  10. Neck Pain
  11. Failed Back Surgery Syndrome
  12. Pain Management in Rheumatologic Disorders
  13. Pain in the Extremities
  14. Facet Syndrome
  15. Abdominal Pain
  16. Low Back Pain
  17. Pelvic Pain
  18. Perineal Pain
  19. Foot Pain

Pain Associated with Surgery and Trauma

  1. Acute Pain
  2. Sports Medicine

Generalized Painful Syndromes

  1. Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndromes
  2. Polyneuropathy
  3. Advances in The Management of Ischemic Pain
  4. Peripheral Vascular Disease
  5. Cancer Pain Syndromes
  6. Pain in HIV and AIDS Patients
  7. Sickle Cell Disease
  8. Visceral Pain
  9. Central Pain Syndromes
  10. Acute Pain in Children
  11. Chronic Pain in Children
  12. Cancer Pain and Palliative Care in Children
  13. Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
  14. Pain in the Elderly

Focal Pain Syndromes

  1. Acute Herpes Zoster and Postherpetic Neuralgia

Pharmacologic Therapies for Pain

  1. Psychopharmacology for Pain
  2. Opioids
  3. Common Opioid Related Side
  4. NSAIDs
  5. Adjuvant Analgesics
  6. Pre-emptive Analgesia
  7. Opioids for Non-Malignant Pain Issues and Controversy
  8. Neuraxial Drug Delivery
  9. Medical Management of Cancer Pain

Non Pharmacologic Therapies for Pain

  1. Peripheral Nerve Blocks
  2. Intraarticular Injections and Facet Blocks Tim Lamer
  3. Diagnostic Injections for Spine Pain
  4. Epidural Steroid Injections
  5. Spinal Canal Endoscopy
  6. Sympathetic Blocks
  7. Neurolytic Blocks
  8. Neuromodulation for Pain
  9. Acupuncture
  10. Neurosurgical Treatment of Pain
  11. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  12. Cryonanalgesia and Radiofrequency Miles Day
  13. Anesthetic Interventions in Cancer Pain
  14. Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Pain Management
  15. The Use of Botulinum Toxin in Pain Management

Pain, Administration and the Law

  1. The Role of Pain Clinics
  2. Setting up a Pain Treatment Facility
  3. How to Manage a Pain Practice
  4. Certification in Pain Medicine
  5. Disability Assessment of Pain-Impaired Patients
  6. Medical-Legal Considerations in Pain Management
  7. End of Life Ethics
  8. Palliative Care
  9. Ethical Issues in Pain Medicine and Problems of Trust in the Management of Chronic, Non-Malignant Pain
  10. Outcome Measurements in Pain Medicine
  11. Radiation Safety for the Pain Specialist


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Principles and Practice of Pain Medicine
Second Edition
by Carol A. Warfield

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