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Printed Circuits Handbook
Sixth Edition
by Clyde F. Coombs, Jr.

Printed Circuits Handbook contains definitive coverage of every facet of printed circuit assemblies—from design methods to fabrication processes.

Now completely revised and updated, the Sixth Edition presents the latest information on lead-free manufacturing, including lead-free PCB design and fabrication techniques, lead-free materials, and lead-free reliability models. The new edition also explores best practices for High Density Interconnect (HDI), as well as flexible printed circuits.

Printed Circuits Handbook Sixth Edition contains cutting-edge material on engineering and design of printed circuits fabrication methods…assembly processes… solders and soldering…test and repair…waste minimization and treatment …quality and reliability of printed circuit processes…and much more.

This updated Printed Circuits Handbook provides you with:

  • Unsurpassed guidance on printed circuits_from design to manufacturing
  • Over 500 illustrations, charts, and tables for quick access to essential data
  • New to this edition: New coverage of lead-free PCB design and manufacturing techniques, lead-free materials, lead-free reliability models, best practices for High Density Interconnect (HDI), and flexible printed circuits


Part 1: Lead-Free Legislation

  1. Legislation and Impact on Printed Circuits

Part 2: Printed Circuit Technology Drivers

  1. Electronic Packaging and High-Density Interconnectivity
  2. Semiconductor Packaging Technology
  3. Advanced Component Packaging
  4. Types of Printed Wiring Boards

Part 3: Materials

  1. Introduction to Base Materials
  2. Base Material Components
  3. Properties of Base Materials
  4. Base Materials Performance Issues
  5. The Impact of Lead-Free Assembly on Base Materials
  6. Selecting Base Materials for Lead-Free Assembly Applications
  7. Laminate Qualification and Testing

Part 4: Engineering and Design

  1. Physical Characteristics of the PCBM
  2. The PCB Design Process
  3. Electrical and Mechanical Design Parameters
  4. Current Carrying Capacity in Printed Circuits
  5. PCB Design for Thermal Performance
  6. Information Formatting and Exchange
  7. Planning for Design, Fabrication, and Assembly
  8. Manufacturing Information, Documentation, and Transfer Including CAM Tooling for Fab and Assembly
  9. Embedded Components

Part 5: High Density Interconnection

  1. Introduction to High-Density Interconnection (HDI) Technology
  2. Advanced High-Density Interconnection (HDI) Technologies

Part 6: Fabrication

  1. Drilling Processes
  2. Precision Interconnect Drilling
  3. Imaging
  4. Multilayer Materials and Processing
  5. Preparing Boards for Plating
  6. Electroplating
  7. Direct Plating
  8. PWB Manufacture Using Fully Electroless Copper
  9. Printed Circuit Board Surface Finishes
  10. Solder Mask
  11. Etching Process and Technologies
  12. Machining and Routing

Part 7: Bare Board Test

  1. Bare Board Test Objectives and Definitions
  2. Bare Board Test Methods
  3. Bare Board Test Equipment
  4. HDI Bare Board Special Testing Methods

Part 8: Assembly

  1. Assembly Processes
  2. Conformal Costing

Part 9: Solderability Technology

  1. Solderability: Incoming Inspection and Wet Balance Technique
  2. Fluxes and Cleaning

Part 10: Solder Materials and Processes

  1. Soldering Fundamentals
  2. Soldering Materials and Metallurgy
  3. Solder Fluxes
  4. Soldering Techniques
  5. Soldering Repair and Rework

Part 11: Nonsolder Interconnection

  1. Press-Fit Interconnection
  2. Land Grid Array Interconnect

Part 12: Quality

  1. Acceptability and Quality of Fabricated Boards
  2. Acceptability of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies
  3. Assembly Inspection
  4. Design for Testing
  5. Loaded Board Testing

Part 13: Reliability

  1. Conductive Anodic Filament Formation
  2. Reliability of Printed Circuit Assemblies
  3. Component-to-PWB Reliability: The Impact of Design Variables and Lead Free
  4. Component-to-PWB Reliability: Estimating Solder-Joint Reliability and the Impact of Lead-Free Solders

Part 14: Environmental Issues

  1. Process Waste Minimization and Treatment

Part 15: Flexible Circuits

  1. Flexible Circuit Applications and Materials
  2. Design of Flexible Circuits
  3. Manufacturing of Flexible Circuits
  4. Termination of Flexible Circuits
  5. Multilayer Flex and Rigid/Flex
  6. Special Constructions of Flexible Circuits
  7. Quality Assurance of Flexible Circuits


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Printed Circuits Handbook
Sixth Edition
by Clyde F. Coombs, Jr.

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