Business Handbook for Interior Designers
from C.H.I.P.S.

Professional Practice for Interior Designers
Fourth edition
by Christine M. Piotrowski

The handbook of choice for professional interior design practice -- now with companion CD-ROM!

Professional Practice for Interior Designers provides all the essential skills needed for planning and maintaining a thriving interior design business, presented in the clear, easy-to-follow style. From creating a business plan to launching a promotional campaign to setting up a computerized accounting system, everything you need to launch and sustain a successful interior design practice is here.

This edition is completely current with the latest business practices and features a host of new practice aids:

  • Companion CD-ROM includes a trial version of professional practice software, business forms, numerous short articles, plus additional information and resources
  • New examples help you manage the latest challenges and implement the latest business practices
  • A new chapter devoted to strategic planning explains this important business concept in easy-to-understand language for students and professionals
  • Brief "what would you do" case studies in each chapter challenge you to respond to ethical issues faced by today's interior designers


Part I: The Professional of Interior Design

  1. Interior Design as a Profession
  2. Professional Preparation
  3. Ethics and Professional Responsibility
  4. Legal Responsibilities

Part II: Getting Started

  1. Personal Goals
  2. Professional Options

Part III: Establishing an Interior Design Practice

  1. Creating a New Interior Design Practice
  2. Advice and Counsel
  3. Business Formations
  4. Business Legal Filings and Licenses
  5. Preparing the Business Plan

Part IV: Growing the Practice

  1. Practice Organization and Management
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. Legal Issues of Employment
  5. Basic Financial Accounting
  6. Financial Management

Part V: Marketing and Business Development

  1. Marketing Interior Design Services
  2. Promoting the Interior Design Practice
  3. Additional Promotional Methods
  4. Selling Strategies
  5. Design Presentations

Part VI: Project Compensation and Agreements

  1. Project Compensation and Fees
  2. Preparing Design Contracts
  3. Product Pricing
  4. The Sale of Goods and the Uniform Commercial Code
  5. Warranties and Product Liability

Part VII: Project Management

  1. The Project Management Process
  2. Trade Sources
  3. Contract Documents and Specifications
  4. Contract Administration
  5. Contract Administration: Delivery and Project Closeout

Part VIII: Looking Ahead

  1. Getting the Next—or First— Job
  2. Landing the Job


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Professional Practice for Interior Designers
Fourth edition
by Christine M. Piotrowski

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