Instruments and Controls Handbook from C.H.I.P.S.

Process/Industrial Instruments and Controls Handbook

Fifth Edition
edited by Gregory H. McMillan

  • Announcing a major revision of the leading instruments and controls sourcebook
  • The best seller in the field!Updated to mirror the most common industry practices
  • Enhanced with important secions on process control improvement and new instrumentation standards
  • Covers the latest advances sparked by increased power and miniaturization of the microporcessor...and more
Society of America award winner Gregory K. McMillan's updated, expanded, and revised Process/industrial Instruments and Controls Handbook brings you the latest methods for increasing process efficiency, production rate, and quality - plus all the background you need to approach any key decision with confidence.

Packed with best practice solutions derived from the hands-on experience of top technical experts, as well as significant recent developments in microprocessors and other key components, this compendium was designed with one goal in mind: to help you solve problems in the most efficient way possible.

More than 50 articles from leaders in the field, hundreds of illustrations and tables, and a well-designed format make this Handbook the most useful assistant you can have on the job.


  1. Introductory Review

  2. Control System Fundamentals
    Control Principles
    Techniques for Process Control
    Basic Control Algorithms
    Safety in Instrumentation and Control Systems

  3. Controllers
    Distributed Control Systems
    Programmable Controllers
    Stand-Alone Controllers
    Hydraulic Controllers
    Batch Process Control
    Automatic Blending Systems
    Distributed Numerical Control and Networking
    Computers and Controls
    Manufacturing Message Specification
    Field-Based Systems

  4. Process Variables - Field Instrumentation
    Temperatuare Systems
    Fluid Pressure Systems
    Industrial Weighing and Density Systems
    Humidity and Moisture Systems

  5. Geometric and Motion Sensors
    Metrology, Position, displacement, Thickness and Surface Texture Measurement
    Magnetostrictive Linear Position Sensors
    Object Detectors and Machine Vision
    Flat Web (Sheer) Measurement and Control
    Speed, Velocity and Acceleration Instrumentation
    Vibration Measurement

  6. Real-Time Analytical Composition Measurements for Input to Process Control
    Concentration Measurement Technology and Devices
    pH Measurement: Theory and Reality
    Optical Concentration Transducers
    Ultraviolet/Visible Absorption Analysis
    Sample Extraction, Conditioning, and preparation for On-Line Analysis
    System Control and Managing Data
    Calibration and Validation
    Application Examples

  7. Control Communications
    Data Signal Handling in Computerized Systems
    Noise and Wiring in Data Signal Handling
    Industrial Control Networks

  8. Operator Interface
    Operator Interface - Design Rationale
    Cognitive Skills and Process Control
    Distributed Display Architecture
    Knowledge-Based Operator Training
    Intelligent Alarms

  9. Valves, Servos, Motos, and Robots
    Process Control Valves
    Control Valve Cavitation
    Control Valve Noise
    Servomotor Technology in Motion Control Systems
    Solid-State Variable Speed Drives
    Current-to-Pressure Transducers for Control-Valve Actuation

  10. Process Control Improvement
    World-Class Manufacturing
    Plant Analysis, Design, and Tuning for Uniform Manufacturing
    Control Valve Response
    Process Impact
    Best Practices, Tools, and Techniques to Reduce the Maintenance Costs of Field Instrumentation
    New Developments in Analytical Measurements
    Fundamentals of the Quantitative NMR
    The Improvement of Advanced Regulatory Control Systems
    Multivariable Predictive Control and Real-Time Optimization
    Neural Networks

  11. Standards Overview
    Safety Instrumented Systems
    An Overview of the ISA/IEC Fieldbus
    Batch Control: Applying the S88.01 Standard


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Process/Industrial Instruments
and Controls Handbook 5th Edition

edited by Gregory H. McMillan
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