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Processed Cheese and Analogues
edited by A.Y. Tamime

Processed Cheese and Analogues examines the functionality of ingredients including emulsifying salts, stabilizers, flavorings and coloring matter. It covers the interactions between the natural cheeses and the processing conditions during manufacture of processed cheese and analogues.

The book also covers processing equipment and manufacturing practices, and the current statutory regulations, both national and international, surrounding the production of these cheeses.

Additionally, Processed Cheese and Analogues addresses the issue of quality assurance for processed cheese in terms of its chemical, physical, microbiological properties and sensory profiling, to ensure the safety of the product for the consumer.


1. Processed Cheese and Analogues: An Overview

  • Historical background
  • Diversity of products
  • Patterns of production
  • Principles of manufacturing stages

2. Current Legislation on Processed Cheese and Related Products

  • Definitions and standards of identity
    International Legislation
    Codex Alimentarius standards

3. Effects of Natural Cheese Characteristics and Processing Conditions on Rheology and Texture: The Functionality of Cheese Components in the Manufacture of Processed Cheese

  • Definition of processed cheese products: an introduction
  • Overview of manufacture
  • Microstructure of PCPs
  • Principles of processed cheese manufacture
  • Effects of natural cheese characteristics on PCPs
  • Effects of processing conditions

4. Functionality of Ingredients: Emulsifying Salts

  • Main types of emulsifying salts
  • Properties and roles of emulsifying salts used in processed cheese
  • Selection of emulsifying sal

5. Flavours and Flavourants, Colours and Pigment

  • Types of processed cheese
  • Raw material
  • Flavor
  • Colors
  • Sensory attributes of processed cheese

6. Manufacturing Practices of Processed Cheese

  • Some historical background
  • Processed cheese and products
  • Key steps in processing
  • Changes in processed cheese during its shelf-life

7. Processed Cheese Plants and Equipment: A Practical Overview

  • Unit operations
  • Processing plant for the manufacture of processed cheese slices

8. Packaging Materials and Equipment

  • Packaging materials
  • Packaging equipment

9. Production of Analogue Cheeses

  • Definition and legislation
  • Applications and advantages of analogue cheese products
  • Manufacture of analogue cheese
  • Factors influencing analogue cheese functionality
  • Developments in analogue cheese
  • Future of analogue cheese

10. Quality Control in Processed Cheese Manufacture

  • Examination of raw materials
  • Analysis of chemical composition
  • Microbiological quality and safety of the product
  • Assessment of physical characteristics
  • Assessment of the microstructure
  • Sensory profiling of processed cheese

Appendix: Example of a product quality information as a result of using a HACCP system


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Processed Cheese and Analogues
edited by A.Y. Tamime
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