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Processed Meats
Third Edition
by A. M. Pearson

Processed Meats 3rd Edition reflects the changes taking place in the meat processing industry. This updated edition provides a comprehensive introduction to the principles and practices involved in processing meat and poultry into consumer products.

The volume covers a range of topics, from the economics of processing to the industry's recent trends and new developments, including:

  • new chapters on spices and low fat processed meat
  • the composition and nutritive value of raw materials and processesd meats
  • various curing agents
  • methods of curing and smoking
  • industry adaptations influenced by consumer demands for convenience and healthy products

While the majority of this work addresses various meat products, such as sausages, canned meat, sectioned and formed meats, cured and smoked products, and restructured meat products, the volume also discusses operations and formulations.

Processed Meats is a single source guide for professionals and students in the meat and poultry industries.


Introduction to meat processing: Purposes of meat processing. Importance of meat industry. Per capita consumption of meat, poultry, and fish. Importance of the meat processing industry. Economic impact of meat packing and meat processing. Changes in consumer expenditures in grocery stores. Raw materials. Types of products. Trends in production. Future of meat processing.
Composition and nutritive value of raw materials and processed meats: Nutrition. Demand for health and nutrition. Composition and nutritive value of meat. Nutritional value of some processed meats. Toxic compounds in meat products.
Curing: Ingredients utilized in meat curing. Cured meat color. Curing methods.
Smoking: Purposes of smoking. Composition of smoke. Action of smoke on nutritive value. Production of smoke. The nature of smoke. Deposition of smoke on meats. Methods of smoking. Types of fuel. Cooking during smoking. Liquid smoke preparations.
Meat cookery and cooked meat products: Action of Cooking. Methods of cooking. Considerations in selecting cooking methods. Cooked meat product recipes.
Raw materials: Sausage and canned meats. Smoked meats. Storage of raw materials. Certified pork. Undesirable conditions. Quality specifications.
Sectioned and formed meat products: Characteristics and importance. Advantages and disadvantages. Principles involved in production of sectioned and formed meats. Equipment. Additives. Selection of raw materials. Types of products. Sectioned and formed meat formulations.
Least cost formulations and preblending of sausage: Preblending. Least cost formulation.
Sausages: Consumer acceptance. Classification. Steps in processing. Some sausage products. Fermented meat products. Other materials.
Sausage formulations: Ground sausages. Semi-dry or summer sausages. Dry sausages. Emulsion-type sausages. Specialty items. Miscellaneous sausages.
Casings, extenders and additives: Casings. Clips and thread closures. Spices and condiments. Additives. Binders and extenders. Other additives.
Herbs, spices, and condiments: The history of spices. Classification of spices. Use of spices in processed meats. American Spice Trade Association (ASTA) Quality Assurance.
Cured and/or smoked meats: Hams. Bacon. Smoked pork loin. Picnic. Shoulder butt. Corned beef. Smoked fresh meat. Dried beef. Smoked and cured lamb. Smoked tongue. Pickled pigs feet.
Reduced and low fat meat products: Effects of reducing fat. Synthetic fat replacers. Fat mimics. Hydrocolloids. Oat bran and oat fiber. Animal proteins. Plant proteins. Frankfurters in the U.S. market.
The canning process: Cans. Retorts. Pasteurized canned products. Closing. Pasteurizing cook. Cooling. Storage and shelf life. Aseptic canning.
Canned meat formulations: Corned beef hash. Beef stew. Chili con carne. Vienna sausages. Meat balls with gravy. Sliced dried beef. Luncheon meat. Potted meat. Canned hams-pasteurized and sterile. Plastic package hams.
Restructured meat products: Procedures. Raw Materials. Restructured meat formulations.


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