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Product Design for the Environment
A Life Cycle Approach
by Fabio Giudice

Product Design for the Environment presents key concepts, basic design frameworks and techniques, and practical applications.


  • Supplies an understanding of environmentally-conscious production issues and how to tackle them in design practice
  • Presents general principles and relevant topics for the development of eco-compatible products
  • Integrates basic design tools, important new themes, and related innovative design approaches
  • Provides a framework of main concepts that highlight the best strategies for achieving environmental quality of product
  • Includes complete coverage of methods and structured tools for life cycle design, and illustrates their practical application


From Sustainable Development to Design for Environment

  • Sustainable Development
  • Industrial Ecology
  • Design in the Context of the Environmental Question
  • Design for Environment
  • Concepts, Tools and Approaches to the Environmental Question: Overview
  • Standards and Regulations Oriented Towards Environmental Quality of Products

Life Cycle Approach and the Product-System Concept and Modeling

  • Life Cycle Concept and Theory
  • Life Cycle and the Product-System Concept
  • Product-System and Environmental Impact
  • Life Cycle Modeling
  • Product Life Cycle: Reference Model

Life Cycle Design and Management

  • Life Cycle Approach in Product Design
  • Life Cycle Design Oriented toward Environmental Performance of Products
  • Life Cycle Management

Life Cycle Assessment

  • Environmental Analysis and Evaluation of the Life Cycle
  • Premises, Properties and Framework of Life Cycle Assessment
  • Fields of Application and Limitations of Life Cycle Assessment
  • Overview of Practical Approaches and Tools for Life Cycle Assessment

Life Cycle Cost Analysis

  • Cost Analysis and the Life Cycle Approach
  • Product Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Evolution of Models for Product Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Reference Standards and Codes of Practice

Integrated Economic-Environmental Analysis of the Life Cycle

  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis and Environmental Aspects
  • Environmental Costs and Environmental Accounting
  • Integration Between LCCA and LCA
  • Other Approaches to Economic-Environmental Analysis: Eco-Cost Models

Product Design and Development Process

  • Product Design and Development
  • Product Design
  • Methodological Evolution in Product Design

Integration of Environmental Aspects in Product Design

  • Orientation toward Environmental Aspects in the Design Process
  • Environmental Strategies for the Life Cycle Approach
  • Tools and Techniques for Environmental Requirements of the Life Cycle
  • Integration in Product Development: Proposed Framework
  • Toward an International Standard: The ISO/TR 14062 Technical Report

Life Cycle Environmental Strategies and Considerations for Product Design

  • Strategies for Improving Resources Exploitation and Determinant Factors
  • Strategies for Extension of Useful Life and Design Considerations
  • Strategies for Recovery at End-of-Life and Design Considerations
  • Product Modularity as a Key Concept for the Application of Environmental Strategies

Engineering Methods for Product Duration Design and Evaluation

  • Durability of Products and Components
  • Fatigue of Materials
  • Damage
  • Thermography and the Risitano Method

Product Constructional System Definition Based On Optimal Cycle Strategies

  • Aims and Approach
  • Method and Tools for Analysis and Design
  • Optimal Life Cycle Strategy Evaluation Tool
  • Case Study: System Analysis and Redesign of a Household Refrigerator

Environmental Characterization of Materials and Optimal Choice

  • Materials Selection and Environmental Properties
  • Environmental Characterization of Materials and Processes
  • Summary of Selection Method
  • Analysis of Production Feasibility
  • Analysis of Performance
  • Life Cycle Indicators
  • Analysis of Results and Optimal Choice
  • Case Study: Selection of Material for an Automobile Brake Disk

Design for Disassembly and Distribution of Disassembly Depth

  • Design for Disassembly and Disassembly Level
  • Distribution of Disassembly Depth
  • Objectives and Approach to the Problem
  • Method Statement
  • Evaluation of Disassembly Depth
  • Efficiency of Ease of Disassembly Distribution
  • Case Study: Electromechanical System

Optimal Disassembly Planning

  • Disassembly Planning
  • Objectives and Approach to the Problem
  • Common Structure of the Proposed Tools
  • Development of the First Tool: Goals of Servicing
  • Development of the Second Tool: Goals of Recovery
  • Simulations and Analysis of Results

Product Recovery Cycles Planning and Cost-Benefit Analysis of Recovery

  • Approach to the Recovery Problem
  • Method for Recovery Cycles Planning
  • Calculation Models for Recovery Cycles Planning
  • Case Study: Analysis and Optimization of Heat Exchanger Constructional Systems
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of Recovery Cycles

Methodlogical Framework and Analysis Models for Simulation of Product Life Cycle

  • Simulation and the Life Cycle Approach
  • Approach to the Problem and Methodological Framework
  • Product Model and Analysis Tools
  • Definition of Objective Functions
  • Simulation and Analysis of Results


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Product Design for the Environment
A Life Cycle Approach
by Fabio Giudice

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