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Product and Process Design Principles:
Synthesis, Analysis, and Evaluation

Second Edition with cd-rom
by Warren D. Seider,
J. D. Seader and Daniel R. Lewin

A step-by-step approach to designing chemical products and processes!

This new Second Edition guides you through the design of chemical products and processes. Now updated and revised to reflect recent advances, the text and its accompanying multimedia CD-ROM provide a powerful learning environment.

Features of the Second Edition:

  • Organization of text follows the key steps in product and process design, reflecting current practices and providing a sound, but flexible, sequence of instruction.
  • Process simulators, steady state, dynamic, and batch, are used throughout the textbook (ASPEN PLUS, HYSYS.Plant, CHEMCAD, PRO/II, BATCH PLUS, and SUPERPRO DESIGNER).
  • Illustrates the design strategies by applying them to chemical products and processes in several industries; for example, the chemicals, petrochemicals, petroleum, polymers, biochemicals, and electronic materials industries.
  • The accompanying CD (now bound into the text) uses voice, video, and animation to introduce students to process stimulators with an emphasis on ASPEN PLUS and HYSYS.Plant.
  • Files containing the solutions to over 60 examples using either ASPEN PLUS or HYSYS.
  • Plant can be used to vary operating strategies and design details.
  • Emphasizes the importance of assessing plant-wide controllability.

The CD-ROM provides:

  • Encyclopedic, self-paced instruction with tutorials on ASPEN PLUS and HYSYS. Plant in a multimedia format, featuring audio, video, and animations.
  • ASPEN PLUS backup (.bkp) and HYSYS.Plant (.hsc) files for the simulation examples in the text.
  • MATLAB files to support examples in the text.
  • Spreadsheet to compute profitability measures.
  • PDFs for selected chapters and sections Chapters 8 and 9 and Sections 16.7 and 17.8, from the text, as well as additional resources.
  • Throughout the text, margin icons link concepts to material on the CD.

Product and Process Design Principles and accompanying CD presents the steps for designing chemical products and processes, beginning with societal needs. Emphasis is placed on quantitative problem solving, including the use of heuristics, simulation, and optimization. The latest design strategies are described, most of which have been improved significantly with the advent of computers, mathematical programming methods, and artificial intelligence.


  1. Product and Process Invention: Heuristics and Analysis
    1. The Design Process
    2. Molecular Structure Design
    3. Process Creation
    4. Simulation to Assist in Process Creation
    5. Heuristics for Process Synthesis

  2. Detailed Process Synthesis: Algorithmic Methods
    1. Reactor Design and Reactor Network Synthesis
    2. Synthesis of Separation Trains
    3. Reactor-Separator-Recycle Networks
    4. Second Law Analysis
    5. Heat and Power Integration
    6. Mass Integration
    7. Optimal Design and Scheduling of Batch Processes

  3. Detailed Design, Equipment Sizing, and Optimization - Configured Product Design
    1. Heat Exchanger Design
    2. Multistage and Packed Tower Design
    3. Pumps, Compressors, and Expanders
    4. Cost Accounting and Capital Cost Estimation
    5. Annual Costs, Earnings, and Profitability Analysis
    6. Optimization of Process Flowsheets
    7. Product Design

  4. Plantwide Controllability Assessment
    1. The Interaction of Process Design and Process Control
    2. Flowsheet Controllability Analysis

  5. Design Report
    1. Written Reports and Oral Presentations


  • Residue Curves for Heterogeneous Systems
  • Design Problem Statements
  • Materials of Construction

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Product and Process Design Principles:
Synthesis, Analysis, and Evaluation

2nd edition with cd-rom
by Warren D. Seider, J. D. Seader and Daniel R. Lewin

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