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Progress in Dough Processing CD-ROM

from Unilever Research
and Development

This CD-ROM discloses part of the basic research done at Unilever in cereal science and bakery technology. Twelve papers, two which are previously unpublished, report the rheological, physicochemical, chemical, and microstructural changes of dough during processing and its computational fluid dynamics modeling.

You’ll learn how some unconventional approaches led to interesting new insights and theories. Some of the manuscripts will challenge you to pursue further research to corroborate the findings or confirm the hypotheses postulated.

The Progress in Dough Processing CD-ROM provides all twelve articles, full-color figures, including enlarged figures when appropriate, and twelve full-color, stunningly illustrative short movies of simulations and microscope videos.

Cereal scientists and bakery technologists will value the insight gained from Unilever Research and Development.


  1. Introduction: Progress in Dough Processing from Unilever Research and Development
  2. Differential Scanning Calorimetric Study on the Effects of Frozen Storage on Gluten and Dough.
  3. Effect of Storage Time and Temperature on Rheological and Microstructural Properties of Gluten.
  4. Factors Associated with Dough Stickiness as Sensed by Attenuated Total Reflectance Infrared Spectroscopy.
  5. Analysis of Dough Kneaders Using Numerical Flow Simulations.
  6. Quantitative Assessment of Gas Cell Development During the Proofing of Dough by Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Image Analysis.
  7. Long-Term Storage Effect in Frozen Dough by Spectroscopy and Microscopy.
  8. Osmotic Properties of Gluten.
  9. Integrated Sensory Response (ISR) Modeling: A New Methodology to Understand and Predict Sensory Attributes in Terms of Physical Properties.
  10. Impact of Industrial Dough Processing on Structure: A Rheology, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Electron Microscopy Study.
  11. Detection and Identification of Arabinoxylans Within Bread Dough System.
  12. Influence of Xylanase-Containing Preparations on Bread Dough Properties.

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Progress in Dough Processing CD-ROM
from Unilever Research and Development
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