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Procedures for Administrative Support in the Automated Office
Third Edition
by Rita C. Kutie

Procedures for Administrative Support in the Automated Office gives readers the skills they need to handle virtually every task that may be required.

Features of Procedures for Administrative Support in the Automated Office:

  • shows how to increase efficiency and productivity
  • explains how to handle math and financial tasks
  • reveals the importance of human relations for practice, complete with all necessary forms and working papers


The Role of the Secretary: Yesterday and Today

  • Secretarial Role Yesterday
  • Today's Secretary

Administrative Support Jobs Today and Tomorrow

  • Organizational Structures
  • Office Support Structures
  • Office Careers

Cornerstones of the Automated Office: Data Processing and Work Processing

  • Computer and Data Processing
  • Word Processing Technology

Word Processing Equipment and Office Applications Series

  • Electronic Typewriters
  • Applications Software

Human Relations Skills and Techniques

  • Desirable Personal Qualities
  • Internal Relationships
  • Public Relations
  • Receptionists Procedures

Communication Processing in the Office

  • Communication Process
  • Communication Skills

Composition and Compilation Tasks

  • Business Letter
  • Qualities of Effective Letters
  • Interoffice Memorandums
  • Business Reports
  • Software Applications

Efficient and Effective Work Habits

  • Orderly Approach to Work
  • Developing Efficient Work Habits and Time and Management Skills
  • The Office Environment

Improvement and Performance and Productivity

  • Establishing and Implementing of Office Procedures
  • Performance and Productivity Tracking

Information Storage and Retrieval

  • Filing and Information Resource Management
  • ARMA Filing and Indexing Guides
  • Alternate Filing Rules
  • Preparation of Correspondence for Filing
  • Filing Supplies
  • Retention and Clearance of Files
  • Micrographics in Records Management

Reproduction of Information

  • Carbon Copies
  • Copy Processes
  • Duplicating Processes
  • Pointers for Users of Reprographic Processes
  • Desktop Publishing Software

Distribution of Information—Voice

  • Changes in Conventional Telephone Systems
  • Switching Sysems
  • Electronic Telephone Technology
  • Use of Telephone Equipment
  • Telephone Techniques and Procedures

Distribution of Information—Electronic Data

  • Analog versus Digital Signals
  • Transmission Channels
  • Telegraph Services
  • Terminal-to-Terminal Communication
  • Terminal-to-Computer Communication
  • Computer-to-Computer Communicaition

Physical Distribution of Information—Mail and Shipping Services

  • Secretarial Responsibilities in Handling Mail
  • Shipping Services

Dictation and Transcription, Proofreading and Editing Tasks

  • Input Methods Used in the Office
  • Effective Transcription Methods

Business Meetings

  • Planning for the Business Meeting
  • Taking, Preparing, and Distributing Minutes of the Meeting
  • Additional Follow-up Activities
  • Alternate Methods of Holding Meetings

Travel Arrangements

  • Travel Arrangement Procedures
  • Transportation
  • Hotel and Motel Reservations
  • Foreign Travel
  • Records and Finances

Financial Tasks

  • Financial Statements
  • Banking Activities
  • Petty Cash Funds
  • Payroll Records
  • Other Records
  • Using Financial Applications Software

The Right Job

  • Finding the Right Job
  • Working in Specialized Professions
  • Work in the Public Sector
  • Innovations in Office Employement

Your First Job

  • Personal Inventory
  • Job Prospects
  • Preparation of a Resume
  • Letter of Application
  • Job Interview
  • Filling Out the Application Form
  • Professional Growth and Development


  • Procedures for Using Telephone Microprocesor Features (Dimension System)
  • Working Papers and Forms for Minisimulations


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Procedures for the Administrative Support in the Automated Office
Third Edition
by Rita C. Kutie

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