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Protein Degradation
Cell Biology of the Ubiquitin
Volume 3
edited by R. John Mayer

Protein Degradation discusses the role of ubiquitin-mediated protein breakdown in cellular regulation and physiology.

This handy reference provides up-to-date information on the action of the ubiquitin system in as diverse functions as:

  • organelle biogenesis
  • muscle development
  • the cellular response to hypoxia
  • extraction of proteins from the endoplasmic reticulum for degradation
  • the regulation of plant development


Ubiquitin: A New Player in the Peroxisome Field

  • Matrix Protein Import into Peroxisomes is Mediated by Cycling Receptors
  • Pex5p is Monoubiquitinated in Wild-type Cells, but Polyubiquitinated in Late-acting pex Mutants
  • Ubiquitination of Pex18p
  • Role for the RING Finger and AAA Peroxins in Pex5p Ubiquitination and Recycling
  • Pex5p Monoubiquitination: A Role in Receptor Recycling

The Ubiquitin Proteasome System and Muscle Development

  • Muscle Histology
  • UPS and Developing Muscle
  • UPS and Organizing Muscle
  • UPS and Muscle Destruction or Degeneration

The COP9 Signalosome: Structural and Biochemical Conservation and Its Roles in the Regulation of Plant Development

  • The Plant COP9 Signalosome
  • CSN Involvement in the Ubiquitin–Proteasome Pathway
  • Plant CSN Biochemical Activities
  • CSN Functions in Plant Development

Ubiquitin and Protein Sorting to the Lysosome

  • Identification of Ubiquitin as an Endosomal Sorting Signal
  • Ubiquitin-mediated Sorting at the Endosome: The MVB Sorting Machinery
  • Ubiquitin Ligases and Endosomal Sorting
  • Endosomal DUBs
  • Polyubiquitin Linkages and Endocytosis

ISG15-dependent Regulation

  • The Discovery of ISG15
  • Structure and Properties of the ISG15 Protein
  • The ISG15 Conjugation Pathway
  • Regulation of Intracellular ISG15 Pools
  • Functional Roles for ISG15

The Role of the Ubiquitin–Proteasome Pathway in the Regulation of the Cellular Hypoxia Response

  • Players in the Hypoxia-response Signalling Pathway
  • pVHL-dependent Degradation of HIF-1a
  • Siah-dependent Regulation of PHD
  • Other Examples of Altered Ubiquitination During Hypoxia
  • Ischemia Model
  • Regulation of the Ubiquitin System in Hypoxia

p97 and Ubiquitin: A Complex Story

  • Interactions of Ubiquitin, p97 and Adaptors
  • The Cellular Roles of p97 and Ubiquitin
  • The Action of p97
  • When Things Go Wrong: p97 in Disease

Cdc48 (p97) and Its Cofactors

  • Cdc48 Cofactors
  • Cellular Functions

Deubiquitinating Enzymes, Cell Proliferation, and Cancer

  • DUBs, Oncogenes, and Cell Transformation


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Protein Degradation
Cell Biology of the Ubiquitin
Volume 3
edited by R. John Mayer

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