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Protein Feed for Animal Production
with special reference to Central and Eastern Europe
edited by C. Février

Protein Feed for Animal Production contains proceedings of the workshop on protein feed for animal production in Europe organised by INRA, EAAP and FAO.

Protein Feed for Animal Production covers the supply of high protein feeds in Europe with particular emphasis on Central and Eastern Europe, potential and constrains in production of protein sources and characteristics of high protein feeds.


Country Reports

  1. Protein feeds for animal production in Slovenia
  2. Protein supply for animal feeding in Hungary
  3. Supply of high protein feeds in the Republic of Croatia
  4. Possibilities of protein products for animal feeding in
  5. Making the Romanian agriculture more profitable by a balanced use of protein in animal feeding

Protein requirements in Europe

  1. Protein feeds for monogastric animals in the European Union: Examples in pig and poultry feeding
  2. Past, present and future for oil seeds and protein-crops in the EU and in France
  3. Ingredients for animals feeding : Economic aspects of production and use in relation with world markets
  4. Situation and trends in milk and meat production in Central and Eastern Europe as a base for the assessment of protein feed requirements

Forages and sources of protein

  1. Effects of the degradation products of meal protein (soya, rapeseed) seeds protein (lupin, pea) in the rumen; influence of technological treatments
  2. Variability of crude protein content in maize and protein rich feeds used in Croatia
  3. Protein content and fermentation quality of big bale silage made from swards of different botanical composition
  4. Development of protein problems in Latvia by using advanced grass preservation methods
  5. A descriptive approach of rapeseed production in Lithuania

Protein balance, availability and digestibility

  1. The effect of different levels of lupin seeds (Lupinus angustifolius L. and Lupinus luteus L.) in diets on food preferences of young pigs
  2. Rapeseed meal and grain legumes as the main domestic feed protein sources in Poland
  3. Bioavailability of lysine of several protein sources determined by the slope-ratio assay in pigs
  4. Effects of material and technological treatment on ileal protein digestibility of animal meals
  5. Influence of the dietary protein source on protein digestibility, flow and composition of endogenous protein losses in the preruminant calf
  6. Nutritive value of white or black chickpea for the weaned piglet
  7. Lysine supply for high performance in fattening pigs and possibilities of realisation

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Protein Feed for Animal Production
with special reference to Central and Eastern Europe
edited by C. Février

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