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Protective Gloves for Occupational Use
Second Edition
edited by
Anders Boman
Tuuler Estlander
Jan E. Wahlberg
and Howard I. Maibach

Protective Gloves for Occupational Use provides state-of-the-art information on glove materials, the manufacture of gloves, how to perform testing of gloves, and glove performance according to standardized technical methods in vivo.

The second edition includes new chapters on:

  • The efficacy of protective gloves as a preventive means against occupational dermatitis
  • The role of proper information when choosing gloves
  • Assessment of skin exposure
  • Changes in skin barrier properties as a result of wearing gloves
  • Glove selection for work with acrylates
Protective Gloves for Occupational Use offers a wealth of information on protective glove material technology, protective effects, and adverse medical effects.

It provides guidance on how to select gloves to prevent skin contamination from chemical and microbial exposure in the occupational environment and presents hard to find information in one easy-to-use resource.


  1. Prevention of contact dermatitis
  2. Occupational hygiene assessments for the use of protective gloves
  3. Gloves : types, materials, and manufacturing
  4. European standards on protective gloves
  5. U.S. rules, regulations, and standards for protective gloves for occupational use
  6. Japanese regulations and standards for medical and dental grade gloves
  7. Testing of protective effect against liquid chemicals
  8. Standard quality control testing, virus penetration, and glove durability
  9. In vivo testing of the protective effect of gloves
  10. Irritation and contact dermatitis from protective gloves - an overview
  11. Allergic contact dermatitis from rubber and plastic gloves
  12. Clinical testing of occupation-related glove sensitivity
  13. Management of natural rubber glove sensitivity
  14. Allergic responses to powdered natural rubber latex gloves in health-care workers
  15. Other reactions from gloves
  16. Occlusion vs. contact dermatitis
  17. Gloves and dermal exposure to chemicals
  18. Practical considerations when selecting and using gloves for chemical protection in a workplace
  19. Glove selection for work with UV/EB-curing acrylates
  20. Chemical permeation through disposable gloves
  21. Gloves as protection against microbial contamination
  22. The selection and use of gloves against pesticides

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Protective Gloves for Occupational Use
Second Edition
edited by Anders Boman, Tuuler Estlander,
Jan E. Wahlberg, and Howard I. Maibach

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