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Principles of Transfusion Medicine
Fourth Edition
by Toby L. Simon

Principles of Transfusion Medicine is the most comprehensive and practical reference on transfusion science and medicine available.

Brand new chapters cover:

  • the measurement of cell kinetics
  • obstetric transfusion practice
  • cord blood
  • transfusion alternatives
  • regenerative medicine

Produced jointly with AABB, the world's leading association in the fields of blood banking and transfusion medicine, Principles of Transfusion Medicine now has two companion CD-ROMs-one containing interactive case studies and one containing PDFs of all 66 chapters.


  1. Transfusion in the New Millennium

Blood Components and Derivatives

Red Blood Cells

  1. Red Cell Production and Kinetics
  2. Regulation of Oxygen Delivery by Red Cells and Red Cell Substitutes
  3. Red Blood Cell Metabolism and Preservation
  4. Red Cell Immunology and Compatibility Testing
  5. Carbohydrate Blood Groups
  6. Rh and LW Blood Groups
  7. Other Protein Blood Groups
  8. Anemia and Red Blood Cell Transfusion


  1. Platelet Production, Kinetics, and Hemostasis
  2. Platelet Immunology and Alloimmunization
  3. Preparation, Preservation, and Storage of Platelet Concentrates
  4. Thrombocytopenia and Platelet Transfusion

White Blood Cells

  1. Neutrophil Production and Kinetics: Neutropenia and Neutrophilia
  2. Neutrophil Collection and Transfusion
  3. Leukocyte-Reduced Blood Components: Laboratory and Clinical Aspects


    Composition and Mechanisms of Blood Coagulation and Fibrinolysis
  1. Immunoglobulins
  2. Preparation and Use of Plasma Derivatives
  3. Plasma Transfusion and Use of Albumin

Cell Kinetics

  1. Applications of Cellular Radiolabeliing in Transfusion Medicine

Clinical Practice

Medical Patients

    Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia and Paroxysmal Noctural Hemoglobinuria
  1. Management of Immune Thrombocytopenias
  2. Bleeding from Acquired Coagulation Defects and Antithrombotic Therapy

Obstetric and Pediatric Patients

  1. Fetal and Neonatal Hematopoiesis
  2. Obstetric Transfusion Practice
  3. Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn
  4. Congenital Disorders of Clotting Proteins and Hypercoagulable States in Pediatrics
  5. Management of Congenital Hemolytic Anemias
  6. Blood Component Transfusions for Infants

Oncology Patients

  1. Transfusion Support for the Oncology Patient
  2. Hematopoietic Growth Factors (Cytokines)
  3. Hematopoietic Progenitor Cells: Biology and Processing
  4. Hematopoietic Progenitor Cells: Autologous Transplantation
  5. Hematopoietic Progenitor Cells: Allogeneic Transplantation
  6. Umbilical Cord Blood: A Reliable Source of Stem and Progenitor Cells for Human Transplantation

Surgery Patients

  1. Alternatives to Transfusion: Perioperative Blood Management
  2. Blood Components to Achieve Hemostasis for Surgery and Invasive Procedures
  3. Transfusion Therapy in the Care of Trauma and Burn Patients
  4. Transfusion Therapy in Solid-Organ Transplantation


  1. Apheresis: Principles and Technology of Hemapheresis
  2. Therapeutic Plasma Exchange
  3. Specialized Therapeutic Hemapheresis and Phlebotomy

Hazards of Transfusion


  1. Overview of Hemovigilance
  2. Immunomodulatory and Proinflammatory Effects of Allogeneic Blood Tranfusion

Infectious Hazards of Transfusion

  1. Transfusion-Transmitted Hepatitis
  2. Retroviruses and Other Viruses
  3. Transfusion Transmission of Parasites
  4. Bacterial Contamination of Blood Products
  5. Prion Diseases
  6. Pathogen Inactivation

Noninfectious Hazards

  1. Hemolytic Transfusion Reactions
  2. Febrile, Allergic, and Nonimmune Transfusion Reactions
  3. Transfusion-Associated Graft-vs-Host Disease
  4. Tranfusional Iron Overload
  5. Transfusion-Related Acute Lung Injury

Cell and Tissue Therapy

  1. HLA Antigens and Alleles
  2. Tissue Banking
  3. Adoptive Immunotherapy
  4. Gene Therapy in Transfusion Medicine
  5. Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

Delivery of Transfusion and Transplantation Services

  1. Recruitment and Screening of Donors and the Collection, Processing, and Testing of Blood
  2. Current Legal Issues in Transfusion Medicine
  3. Current Good Manufacturing Practice
  4. Transplant Organizations and Networks in the Regulation of Cellular Therapy Programs
  5. Hospital Transfusion Committee and Quality Assurance


Companion PC and Mac Compatible CD-ROMs


  • All chapters of the book with a full text search function
CD-ROM 2: Cases:

  • Posttransfusion Hemolysis
  • Child with Low Fibrinogen
  • Head Injury, Sudden Dyspnea
  • A Transfusion Fatality
  • Platelet Refractoriness
  • An Unexpected Panagglutinin
  • Postsurgical Bleeding
  • Jehovah's Witness Surgery
  • Delayed Fever and Dark Urine
  • Fever in Neutropenic Child


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Principles of Transfusion Medicine
Fourth Edition
by Toby L. Simon

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