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Psychosomatic Medicine
by Michael Blumenfield

Psychosomatic Medicine provides a fresh approach to mastering the concepts and practice of modern consultation-liaison psychiatry for residents, practitioners, and other professionals interested in psychiatric and medical comorbidity.


  • Special topics that include: diagnostic dilemmas, depression as a systemic disease, women's disorders, genetics, sexuality, ethical considerations, drug interactions, evidence based medicine, medical informatics, and many more
  • Section openers written by the book editors that tie the chapters together and draw illuminating comparisons between concepts
  • Colorful illustrations, case examples, and tables that highlight key points
  • A stellar group of over 90 contributors sharing information on their areas of expertise
  • The bonus DVD features:
    • The fully searchable complete text and references
    • Nearly 300 multiple choice self-test questions, answers, and explanations
    • 41 Power Point lectures summarizing the material presented in the book for use in your presentations
    • The full version of the Micro-Cares Literature Search System, a software program that allows easy collection, annotation, storage, and retrieval of medical bibliographic citations
    • Sample version of the Micro-Cares Clinical Information System for Consult-Liaison psychiatry, an electronic medical record platform that tracks patient care and documents your patient portfolio
    • Sample version of the Micro-Cares Medical Student Tracking System, a customized software program that documents the teaching experience and complies with the Liaison Committee for Medical Education (LCME) requirements that medical schools rigorously document students' clinical and teaching exposure


    1. Psychosomatic Medicine: History of a "New" Specialty
    2. An International View of Consult-Liaison Psychiatry
    3. Symptoms - Historical Perspective and Effect on Diagnosis
    4. Diagnostic and Classificatory Dilemmas
    5. Depression - A Systemic Illness
    6. Evolution of Measurement
    7. Implications of Culture
    8. Forensic Considerations
    9. Cardiovascular Disease
    10. Oncology
    11. Gastrointestinal Disease
    12. Renal Disease
    13. Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders
    14. Pulmonary Disease
    15. Neurological Disease
    16. Parkinson Disease
    17. Epilepsy
    18. Migraine Headaches
    19. Multiple Sclerosis
    20. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
    21. Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
    22. Stroke
    23. HIV Disease
    24. Infectious Diseases
    25. Burn Injuries
    26. Physical Trauma
    27. Surgical Conditions
    28. Transplantation
    29. Rheumatoid Diseases
    30. Anxiety
    31. Suicidality
    32. Alcoholism
    33. Substance Abuse
    34. Delirium
    35. Dementia
    36. Somatization
    37. Body Dysmorphic Disorder
    38. Conversion Disorders
    39. Hypochondriasis
    40. Factitious Disorders
    41. Women's Health Issues
    42. Pregnancy
    43. Sexuality
    44. Death and Dying
    45. Pain and Palliative Care
    46. Ethical Considerations
    47. Psychotropic Drugs in the Medically Ill
    48. Overview of Drug Interactions in Psychosomatic Medicine
    49. Psychotherapy
    50. Psychodynamic Approach
    51. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    52. Personality Traits and Disorders
    53. Interventions, Outcomes, and Costs
    54. Evidence-Based Medicine
    55. Genomic Testing
    56. Brain Imaging
    57. Medical Informatics


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    Psychosomatic Medicine
    by Michael Blumenfield
    2006 949 pages $209.00 + shipping
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