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Psychiatric Nursing
Contemporary Practice
Fourth Edition
by Mary Ann Boyd

Psychiatric Nursing provides thorough coverage of mental health promotion, assessment, and interventions in adults, families, children, adolescents, and older adults.

Psychiatric Nursing features:

  • psychoeducation checklists
  • therapeutic dialogues
  • NCLEX(R) notes
  • vignettes of famous people with mental disorders


1. Nature of Mental Health and Mental Illness

  1. Stigma, Social Change and Mental Health
  2. Classification of Mental Illnesses and Evidence-Based Nursing Care
  3. Patient Rights and Legal Issues
  4. Mental Health Care in the Community

2. Principles of Psychiatric Nursing

  1. Frameworks, Ethics, and Standards of Psychiatric Nursing
  2. Psychosocial Theoretic Basis of Psychiatric Nursing
  3. The Biologic Foundations of Psychiatric Nursing
  4. Psychopharmacology and Biologic Interventions

3. Contemporary Psychiatric Nursing Practice

  1. Communication and the Therapeutic Relationship
  2. The Nursing Process: Assessment, Diagnoses, Outcomes, Interventions, Evaluation
  3. Cognitive Interventions in Psychiatric Nursing
  4. Interventions with Groups
  5. Family Assessment and Interventions

4. Mental Health Promotion

  1. Stress and Mental Health
  2. Cultural and Spiritual Issues Related to Mental Health Care
  3. Mental Health Promotion of the Young and Middle-Aged Adult
  4. Suicide: A Major Mental Health Problem

5. Care of Persons with Psychiatric Disorders

  1. Schizophrenia: Management of Thought Disorders
  2. Schizoaffective, Delusional, and Other Psychiatric Disorders
  3. Mood Disorders: Management of Moods and Suicidal Behavior
  4. Anxiety Disorders: Management of Anxiety and Panic
  5. Personality and Impulse Disorders: Meaning of Behavior
  6. Somatoform and Related Disorders
  7. Eating Disorders
  8. Substance Related Disorders
  9. Sleep Disorders

6. Children and Adolescents

  1. Mental Health Assessment of Children and Adolescents
  2. Mental Health Promotion with Children and Adolescents
  3. Psychiatric Disorders Diagnosed in Childhood and Adolescents

7. Older Adults

  1. Mental Health Assessment of the Elderly
  2. Mental Health Promotion with the Elderly
  3. Delirium, Dementias, and Related Disorders

8. Care of Special Populations

  1. Care of People Who are Homeless and Mentally Ill
  2. Issues in Co-Occuring Disorders
  3. Psychosocial Aspects of Medically Compromised Persons

9. Care Challenges in Psychiatric Nursing

  1. Crisis, Grief, and Disaster Management
  2. Management of Anger, Aggression, and Violence
  3. Caring for Abused Person1s


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Psychiatric Nursing
Contemporary Practice
Fourth Edition
by Mary Ann Boyd

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