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Public Health Nutrition in Developing Countries
2-Volume Set
edited by Sheila Chander Vir

Public Health Nutrition in Developing Countries - 2-Volume Set focuses on application of public health and nutrition sciences for formulating strategies and actions for preventing and solving the serious problem of malnutrition in developing countries.

Within a result-based framework, Public Health Nutrition in Developing Countries highlights the lessons that would facilitate:

  • formulation of policies
  • development of strategies
  • designing of programs

Additionally, this work highlights experiences emerging from up-scaling intervention trials to program models and elaborates on the principles of public health nutrition for a wide spectrum of public health nutrition issues and provides an update on current knowledge.


Section 1: Epidemiology

  • Principles of epidemiology and epidemiologic methods
  • Nutritional epidemiology for developing countries

Section 2: Malnutrition in Woment and Children

  • Undernutrition in children
  • Dual nutrition burden in women: causes, consequences and control measures
  • Measuring undernutrition and overnutrition in children
  • Essential newborn care and child survival
  • Integrating breastfeeding in public health programming-scientific facts, current status and future directions
  • Complementary feeding of infants and young children
  • Options and strategies to reach the under-two children through complementary feeding with ARF in South Asian countries
  • Diarrhea and undernutrition
  • Prevention and management of protein energy malnutrition
  • Severe acute malnutrition in children
  • Prevention and management of overweight and obesity in children
  • HIV and nutrition

Section 3: Micronutrient Deficiency Disorders

  • Vitamin A deficiency disorders (VADD)
  • Vitamin A Metabolism
  • Vitamin A Deficiency, prevention and control
  • Vitamin A Prevention and control programme in India – past efforts and current status
  • Iodine deficiency disorders
  • Iodine metabolism and indicators of iodine status
  • Sustaining iodine deficiency disorders control programme
  • Iodine deficiency and iodine deficiency disorders control programme
  • Universal salt iodisation
  • National iodine deficiency control programme of India
  • Nutritional anaemia
  • Metabolism of iron, folic acid and vitamin B12
  • Iron deficiency and iron deficiency anaemia in young children
  • Iron and multiple micronutrient supplementation in children: evidence from systematic reviews
  • Nutritional anemia during pregnancy, early childhood and adolescence: the critical Development Periods
  • Iron deficiency and iron deficiency anaemia in adolescent girls
  • Zinc nutrition
  • Zinc – an essential micronutrient for health and development
  • Vitamin A and zinc supplements for child survival – experiences and challenges ahead
  • Food fortification
  • Addressing micronutrient malnutrition through food fortification

Section 4: Food, Nutrition and Health Programmes

  • Agriculture, food and nutrition security
  • Food and nutrition situation in India

Section 5: Nutrition in Emergencies and Disasters

  • Food and nutrition in natural and man made disasters

Section 6: Geriatric Nutrition

  • Nutrition of the aged

Section 7: Chronic Degenerative Diseases

  • Nutrition related non communicable chronic disorders

Section 8: Programme Planning and Implementation

  • Programme planning: principles and essential elements
  • Monitoring and evaluation of public health nutrition programmes
  • District and village planning: a decentralized implementation approach in public health
  • Nutrition health education and communication for improving women and child nutrition
  • From research to programmes: applying knowledge to improve nutrition outcomes
  • Research methods in public health nutrition - critical factors

Section 9: India Programmes

  • Reducing malnutrition – an analysis of integrated child development services (ICDS) scheme
  • National rural health mission


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Public Health Nutrition in Developing Countries
2-Volume Set
edited by Sheila Chander Vir
2011 • Vol 1: 646 pages, Vol 2: 678 pages • $329.00 + shipping
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