Fish Quality and Traceability Book
from C.H.I.P.S.

Quality of Fish from Catch to Consumer
Labelling, Monitoring and Traceability
edited by J. Luten, J. Oehlenschlager, and G. Olafsdottir

In Quality of Fish from Catch to Consumer scientists from various disciplines and all partners in the fishery chain address the important issues of quality labelling, monitoring and traceability of fish.

Quality of Fish from Catch to Consumer addresses:

  • complexity of the European fishery sector
  • attitudes towards quality labelling GMP and the needs for quality information
  • progress of implementing traceability (schemes) from catch to consumer
  • fishermen's views on GMP on board of their vessels
  • new tools for measuring the quality of the catch and the experience with quality grading of the landed fish by QIM
  • recent developments of E-commerce of fish via the auctions
  • possibilities of combining various instrumental methods for measuring fish quality
  • and more


  • Introduction to and outcome of the Concerted Action 'Fish Quality Labelling and Monitoring'
  • Cahracteristics of the European fishery chain, GMP and needs for quality information
  • A study of the attitudes of the European fish sector towards quality monitoring and labelling
  • Tracefish: the development of a traceability scheme for the fish industry
  • Traceability fo\rom catch to consumer in Denmark
  • Fish quality labellling and monitoring: getting it right at the start
  • Good manufacturing practice on European fishing vessels
  • Weighing and labelling at sea
  • Catch Index: Development of a tool for measurement of the quality of the catch handling at sea
  • Quality mark for frozen at sea fillets of fish
  • Introducing GMP at sea. Does it pay?
  • Quality grading and e-commerce in European fish auctions
  • PEFA: Selling fish on the Internet across Europe - Bridge between suppliers and remote demand for fresh fish
  • Introduction to and outcome of the project "Multi-sensor techniques for monitoring the quality of fish"
  • Instrumental methods for measuring texture of fish
  • Visible spectroscopy - Evaluation of storage time of ice stored cod and frozen stored hake
  • Image analysis for monitoring the quality of fish
  • Measurements of quality of cod by electronic noses
  • Measurement of freshness quality of fish based on electrical properties
  • Color measurement on skin during storage of wet and frozen fish
  • Developments of QIM - past and future
  • Data Fusion in MUSTEC: Towards the definition of an Artificial Quality Index
  • X-Ray techniques fo quality assessment
  • Structuring knowledge about fish quality
  • The view from som European multiple retailers and brand owners on quality and traceability of fish
  • A view from a brand label organization in Iceland on fish quality labeling
  • Fish quality labeling systems in Southern Europe
  • The voluntary Norwegian industry standards for fish. Are they used to assure quality?
  • Fish quality awards and labels in Germany and Great Britain
  • Label rouge certification procedures for fish products in France
  • Consumer research on fish in Europe
  • Consumers and experts responses to fresh cod fillets
  • Demand for documentation of freshness of loose fresh fish
  • Promoting seafood consumprion: an evaluation of the Danish campaign for fresh fish
  • Looking behind the label: ensuring food lable clains that are credible to consumers
  • The concerned fish consumer: the implications for quality labeling
  • Consumer opinions towards farmed fish, accounting for relevance and individual knowledge
  • Consumer attitudes towards health and food safety
  • The influence of collective trademarks in consumers' buying decision process
  • Labeling, price and packaging as value indicators in aquaculture: an emperical application for fresh mussels
  • Labeling and product differentiation in the French national market for oysters and mussels


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Quality of Fish from Catch to Consumer
Labelling, Monitoring and Traceability
edited by J. Luten, J. Oehlenschlager, and G. Olafsdottir

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