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Quality of Fresh and Processed Foods edited by
Fereidoon Shahidi

Quality of Fresh and Processed Foods

  • covers quality attributes of fresh and processed foods
  • contains important contributions provided by international experts
  • covers quality of meat, fish and seafood, fruit, vegetable, dairy products, oils and vinegars
  • includes quality analysis, preservation, storage...and much more!

Quality of Fresh and Processed Foods is a practical, up-to-date reference for food scientists, nutritionists, and biochemists.


  1. Effect of Animal Production on Meat Quality
  2. Quality Aspects of Pork Meat and Its Nutritional Impact
  3. Meat Flavor: Contribution of Proteins and Peptides to the Flavor of Beef
  4. The Effects of Extended Chilled Storage on the Odor and Flavor of Sheep Meat
  5. Effect of Electron Beam Irradiation on Microbial Growth, Lipid Oxidation and Color of Ground Beef Patties Upon Refrigerated Storage
  6. Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Lipids in Muscle of Fish and Shellfish During Cold Storage
  7. Temperature, Color, and Texture Prediction Models for Surimi Seafood Pasteurization
  8. The Chemistry of Quality Enhancement in Low-Value Fish
  9. The Interaction of Disulfide Flavor Compounds with Proteins in Model Systems
  10. Gas Chromatography-Olfactometry Analysis and its Importance in Food Quality Control
  11. Screening for Sensory Quality in Foods Using Solid Phase Micro-Extraction Tandem Mass Spectrometry
  12. Maillard Reaction-Based Glycosylation of Lysozyme
  13. Quality Modification of Food By Extrusion Processing
  14. Stability of Aseptic Flavored Milk Beverages
  15. Sensory and Peptides Characteristics of Soy Sauce Fractions Obtained by Ultrafiltration
  16. Quality Assessment of Low-Salt Soy Sauce Made of a Salty Peptide or Its Related Compounds
  17. Quality Characteristics of Edible Oils
  18. Flavor of Vinegars
  19. Textural Quality Assessment for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
  20. Irradiation of Apple Cider: Impact on Flavor Quality
  21. Fruit and Vegetable Edible Wraps: Application to Partially Dehydrated Apple Pieces
  22. Quality of Fresh Citrus Fruit
  23. Evaluation of Water Washes for the Removal of Organophosphorous Pesticides from Maine Wild Blueberries
  24. Sugar Qualities in Soft Drink Manufacture: The Acid Beverage Floc Problem
  25. Influence of DNA on Volatile Generation from Maillard Reaction of Cysteine and Ribose


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Quality of Fresh and Processed Foods
edited by Fereidoon Shahidi et al
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