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Rapid Methods for Food and Feed
Quality Determination
edited by A. van Amerongen

Rapid Methods for Food and Feed covers:

  • monitoring of processes at all stages
  • control of food and nutritional quality
  • detecting (micro)biological, chemical and physical deterioration of food and feed
  • detecting rapidly and reliably food authenticity and/or adulteration

Developments in analytical techniques have led to the emergence of a wide range of rapid methods to complement the traditional methods. Faster results, higher productivity, lower costs and increased sensitivity are key concepts those involved in writing this book.

Key topics include:

  • emerging rapid technologies
  • rapid monitoring of food and nutritional quality
  • rapid testing of quality deterioration and spoilage
  • rapid testing of authenticity and adulteration
  • quality tracking & tracing and rapid testing


Rapid detection method for microbial spoilage using FT-IR and machine learning

  • Materials and methods
  • Analysis of FT-IR data
  • FT-IR investigations in chicken and beef spoilage

Flow cytometry as a rapid tool for microbiological analysis in the food industry: potentials and restrictions 85

  • Flow cytometry
  • Advantages and limitations of flow cytometry
  • Present status and perspectives of flow cytometry
  • Applications of flow cytometry in microbial analysis

A novel PCR method for the detection of live micro-organisms

  • Materials and methods

A rapid analytical technique for determining oxidation stability of food products

  • Evaluation of oxidation stability

Considerations on labour- and cost-efficient immunoassay protocols and formats exemplified by the detection of food adulteration and fraud

  • Assay formats
  • Assay performance

Molecular biological methods in authenticity testing

  • Pathogen identification
  • Varietal identification
  • Fraud and counterfeiting
  • Traceability

Enforcement of food standards legislation using DNA-based techniques

  • Food authenticity programme Methods developed using DNA techniques

Rapid methods for testing of oil authenticity: the case of olive oil

  • Materials and methods
  • Results and discussion

Species-specific detection of poultry in meat model mixtures and commercial sausage products by polymerase chain reactionrestriction

  • Materials and methods
  • Results and discussion

Analytical methods for the profiling of intrinsic quality of green coffee: varietal and geographical characterisation

  • Materials and methods


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Rapid Methods for Food and Feed
Quality Determination
edited by A. van Amerongen

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