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Reliability and Life Testing Handbook
Volume 1
by Dimitri B. Kececioglu

Reliability and Life Testing Handbook is a complete guide and reference to product reliability testing.

Encyclopedic in scope, it covers all steps from planning and test selection to test procedure and results analysis. The presentation is systematic and carefully organized for reference. Hundreds of worked examples illustrate test procedures for various practical applications. Extensive reference data in appendices facilitates test work.


  • Complete guide and reference to reliability testing
  • Planning, test selection, procedures, and analysis
  • Procedures for all tests clearly presented and illustrated by worked examples

Volume 1 delivers must-have information on a variety of distributions, including the Chi-Square, Exponential, Normal, Lognormal, Weibull, Gamma, and others. Coverage also includes vital testing methods and procedures such as tests of comparison for the Wiebull Distribution, a step-by-step method for goodness-of-fit analysis, and more. In addition, Volume 1 covers the determination of the MTBF, failure rate, and reliability of components and equipment and offers unique testing techniques such as "Suspended Items Testing," "Sudden Death Testing," "Sequential Testing," "Accelerated Testing," "Bayesian Testing," and "Growth Testing."

Problems and reference sections are included in each chapter.


  1. Objectives, Types, Scheduling and Management of Reliability and Life Testing
  2. Reliability and Life Data--Their Acquisition and Processing Objectives
  3. Five Very Important Analytical Functions in Reliability and Life Testing
  4. Failure Frequency, Failure Rate and Reliability Determination from Field Data
  5. Chi-Square, Student's t and F Distributions
  6. The Exponential Distribution
  7. MTBF Confidence Limits, Test Time and OC Curves For the Exponential Case
  8. Tests Of Comparison of the Mean Life for the Exponential Case
  9. The Normal Distribution
  10. Confidence Interval on the Mean Life and On the Reliability of Normally Distributed Datahapter
  11. The Lognormal Distribution
  12. The Weibull Distribution
  13. Confidence Limits on the Reliability with Weibull Distributed Times to Failure, As Well As On the Mean Life, Mission Duration
  14. Ranks Not Available In Tables
  15. Tests Of Comparison for the Weibull Distribution
  16. The Gamma Distribution
  17. The Beta Distribution
  18. Methods of Parameter Estimation
  19. Chi-Squared Goodness-Of-Fit Test
  20. Kolmogorov-Smirnov Goodness-Of-Fit Test
  21. Anderson-Darling and Cramer-von Mises Goodness-Of-Fit Tests


  1. Rank Tables
  2. Standardized Normal Distribution's Area Tables
  3. Standardized Normal Distribution's Ordinate Values, Or Probability Densities
  4. Chi-Square Distribution's Percentile Values
  5. Student's t Distribution's Percentile Values
  6. F-Distribution's Percentage Points
  7. Kolmogorov-Smirnov Goodness-Of-Fit Test Critical Value Tables
  8. Two-Sided Tolerance Factors for Normal Distributions
  9. One-Sided Tolerance Factors for Normal Distributions
  10. One-Sided Tolerance Factors for Normal Distributions With 50% Probability of Inclusion
  11. Coefficients of the Blues for the Extreme Value Distribution
  12. Weights for Obtaining the Best Linear Invariant Estimates of the Parameters Of The Weibull Distribution
  13. Binomial or Attribute Reliability Testing Curves For Confidence Levels Of 50%, 80%, 90%, 95% And 99%


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Reliability and Life Testing Handbook
Volume 1
by Dimitri B. Kececioglu

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