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Renewables-Based Techonology
Sustainability Assessment
edited by Jo Dewulf

Renewables-Based Techonology brings together and evaluates the main sustainability assessment methods and techniques.


The Contribution of Renewables to Society

  • Historic and Present Biomass Uses for Food, Energy and Materials in the World
  • Potential Availability of Agricultural Residues and Land for Non-Food Crop Production
  • Drivers Behind Increasing Demand for Biomass for Energy and Materials
  • Land Use Competition
  • Multifunctional Biomass Production Systems

The Potential of Renewables as a Feedstock for Chemistry and Energy

  • Supply of Energy and Materials Using Renewables
  • Demand for Energy and Materials

Sustainability Performance Indicators

  • The Hierarchy of Sustainability Metrics
  • Aspects of Methodology
  • Examples of Sustainability Metrics for Technology Assessment

Life Cycle Inventory Analysis Applied to Renewable Resources

  • Conceptual Background to LCA in ISO 14040ff
  • Goal and Scope Definition
  • Inventory Analysis
  • LCI Data Documentation and Exchange Format
  • Consequential versus Attributional LCI

Net Energy Balancing and Fuel-Cycle Analysis

  • Methodology
  • Energy Balance of Fossil Fuel versus Biofuel
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Corn Ethanol Production

Life Cycle Assessment as an Environmental Sustainability Tool

  • The LCA Methodology: A Brief Overview
  • LCIA Impact Categories as Indicators of Environmental Sustainability
  • Using LCA to Assess Environmental Sustainability


  • Assessment of Sustainability of Technology: Developing Metrics
  • A Thermodynamic Basis for Developing Sustainability Assessment Metrics: Exergy
  • Technology Assessment by Exergy Analysis
  • Exergy-Based Indicators: How to Assess the Role of Renewables
  • Exergy-based Indicators: Integrating the Role of Renewables in an Overall Physical Chemical Sustainability Assessment

Material Flow Analysis and the Use of Renewables from a Systems Perspective

  • Overview of the Methodology
  • Examples of MFA Studies in the Context of Renewables

Ecological Footprints and Biocapacity: Essential Elements in Sustainability Assessment

  • Eco-Footprint Analysis
  • Inherent Strengths in EFA
  • Answering the Critics

The Sustainable Process Index (SPI)

  • Computation of the SPI
  • Case Study: Biodiesel from Used Vegetable Oil

Assessment of Sustainable Land Use in Producing Biomass

  • Sustainability Issues Involved in Promoting Biomass Energy

Assessment of the Forest Products Industries

  • Metrics and Criteria to Assess the Sustainability of Forestry
  • Metrics and Criteria for Assessing the Sustainability of the Wood Industry
  • Scope for Action

Assessment of the Energy Production Industry: Modern Options for Producing Secondary Energy Carriers from Biomass

  • Technology Overview
  • Economics of Biomass Energy Systems
  • Heat, Power and Fuels from Biomass: Key Markets

Assessment of Biofuels

  • Biofuel Feedstocks
  • Bio-Transportation Fuels and Fuel Additives
  • Current Supply of Biofuels
  • Future Supply of Biofuels
  • Measuring the Sustainability of Biofuels.

Assessment of Organic Waste Treatment

  • General Description of Options for Organic Waste Treatment
  • Environmental Characteristics of Organic Waste Treatment
  • Results of a Life Cycle Assessment of Organic Waste

Oleochemical and Petrochemical Surfactants: An Overall Assessment

  • Main Chemical and Structural Differences
  • Resource and Usage
  • Environmental Profile
  • Sustainability Aspects of Oleochemical Production

Assessment of Bio-Based Packaging Materials

  • Environmental Aspects of Polymer Production
  • Environmental Aspects of Packaging Disposal

Assessment of Biotechnology-Based Chemicals

  • Explanation: What is Eco-Efficiency Analysis?
  • Evaluation of Decision-making Processes with Eco-Efficiency Analysis

Assessment of Bio-Based Pharmaceuticals: The Cephalexin Case

  • Assessment Methods During Process Development andTechnology Transfers
  • Assessment of Bio-Based Routes to Cephalexin


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Renewables-Based Techonology
Sustainability Assessment
edited by Jo Dewulf

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