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Safe Handling
of Foods

edited by Jeffrey M. Farber and Ewen C. D. Todd

From farm to fork, this timely reference discusses all aspects of safe food handling, encompassing the production of all varieties of foods by the processing and foodservice industries, where risk factors are likely to occur, and what can be done to prepare food safely.

Lists sources of food safety information available on the Internet!

Safe Handling of Foods thoroughly examines

  • categories of foods—canned foods, meat, fish and shellfish, produce, water, and ethnic foods
  • places where food is served—foodservice and catering establishments, institutions, airplanes, restaurants, and homes
  • groups of food consumers—travelers, high-risk individuals (infants, the elderly, and immunocompromised patients), populations of developing countries, and those in unusual groups or hazardous occupations
Safe Handling of Foods contains more than 1270 references to key literature citations. This book is essential reading for food scientists and technologists, microbiologists, toxicologists, nutritionists, agronomists, nutrition and agricultural engineers, food processors and manufacturers, sanitarians, epidemiologists, bacteriologists, public health and regulatory personnel, and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.


  1. Safe Handling of Raw Meat and Poultry Products Colin O. Gill
  2. Safe Handling of Dairy and Egg Products Robin C. McKellar and Kelley P. Knight
  3. Safe Handling of Fruits and Vegetables Robert E. Brackett
  4. Safe Handling of Seafood Thomas Jemmi, Michel Schmitt, and Thomas E. Rippen
  5. Safe Handling of Foods for High Risk Individuals James L. Smith and Pina M. Fratamico
  6. Safe Food Handling in Airline Catering Young-jae Kang
  7. Food Safety in Catering Establishments Chris Griffith
  8. Safe Preparation of Foods at the Foodservice and Retail Level: Restaurants, Take-Out Food, Churches, Clubs, Vending Machines, Universities, Colleges, Food Stores, and Delicatessans John J. Guzewich
  9. Food Safety in Institutions: Health Care Institutions, Schools, and Correctional Facilities Marilyn B. Lee
  10. Food Safety in the Home Elizabeth Scott
  11. Canned Food Safety Ashton Hughes
  12. Safe Handling of Ethnic Foods Gloria I. Swick
  13. Food Safety Information and Advice in Developing Countries Frank L. Bryan
  14. Food Safety Information for Those in Recreational Activities or Hazardous Occupations or Situations Ewen C. D. Todd
  15. Food Safety Information and Advice for Travelers O. Peter Snyder, Jr.
  16. The Microbiological Safety of Bottled Waters Donald W. Warburton
  17. The Use of the Internet for Food Safety Information and Education Jeffrey M. Farber and Don Schaffner
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Safe Handling of Foods
edited by Jeffrey M. Farber and Ewen C. D. Todd
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