Professional Sauce Making DVD from C.H.I.P.S.

Sauce Making DVD
by The Culinary Institute of America

One of the most basic of cooking fundamentals is the creation of sauces. This Sauce Making DVD provides the solid foundation, knowledge and skills in this critical segment of the culinary arts.

The Basics of Sauce Making DVD is divided into the following parts, each of which can be clicked on separately or can be run as a continuous presentation on the dvd.

Brown Sauces
White Sauces
Emulsion Sauces
Tomato Sauce

The Basics of Sauce Making
Part 1: Brown Sauces

Tracing all the way back to Carême’s classic method, brown sauces have been both a culinary staple and one of the greatest tests of a chef’s skill.

This section of the DVD demonstrates:

  • The process for creating espagnole, demi-glace, fond de veau lié, au jus, jus lié, pan gravy, and glace de viande
  • Thickening sauces with roux or a slurry
  • The many applications for glace de viande as well as commercial bases

24 Minutes

The Basics of Sauce Making
Part 2: White Sauces

From classic to contemporary cuisine, the right white sauce can make a dish distinctive and memorable.

This section of the DVD covers the fundamentals of creating and using:

  • Classic velouté and bèchamel and some of their contemporary interpretations
  • Traditional Mornay sauce and a low-fat variation
  • Thickening and flavoring agents and commercial bases

25 Minutes

The Basics of Sauce Making
Part 3: Emulsion Sauces

Making an emulsion sauce that doesn’t separate into its component parts separates the novice from the true professional.

This section of the DVD provides instruction in:

  • The principles of emulsion
  • The art of creating classic hollandaise, bearnaise, beurre blanc, and mayonnaise
  • Preparing both cold and warm vinaigrettes

22 Minutes

The Basics of Sauce Making
Part 4: Tomato Sauce

Beloved and versatile, tomato sauce lends itself to countless variations and derivations that can add interest to your menu.

On this section of the DVD, you will learn:

  • How to prepare classic roux-based French-style tomato sauces and Italian tomato sauces

  • An array of tomato sauce-making techniques and flavoring options

21 Minutes

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Sauce Making DVD
by The Culinary Institute of America
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