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The Science of Hair Care
Second Edition
edited by
Claude Bouillon
and John Wilkinson

The Science of Hair Care, Second Edition:

  • surveys dermatological and cosmetic disorders related to the hair and scalp from aesthetic, pathophysiological, and regulatory perspectives
  • presents the most comprehensive description available on the various structural components and physical properties of human hair
  • devotes a chapter to current knowledge on the biological features of hair growth
  • contains specific chapters on the safety and efficacy of hair products-providing an unsurpassed review of numerous methods and techniques for their evaluation
  • examines regulations applying to hair products in various countries-offering a large number of references and websites for easy access to the latest information on the topic
  • showcases clear diagrams and illustrations for step-by-step coverage of techniques for hair transplantation
  • analyzes various types of products to cleanse, condition, bleach, color, beautify, set, and dress the hair or restore the scalp to good condition
  • studies adverse reactions to hair products

The Science of Hair Care is completely revised and expanded to reveal the most recent advances, technologies, and trends in hair and hair care science-tracking the development of hair care products, the emergence of new regulatory practices, and the latest methods in product safety and efficacy assessment.


  1. Hair structure, function, and physicochemical properties
  2. The hair follicle : structure and function
  3. Scalp and hair hygiene : shampoos
  4. Hair care products
  5. Temporary restyling of the hair
  6. Permanent waving and hair straightening
  7. Hair bleaching
  8. Hair coloring : non-oxidation coloring
  9. Oxidation coloring
  10. Toxicology of hair dyes
  11. Hair product safety
  12. Evaluation of product efficacy
  13. The regulation of cosmetic products
  14. Skin tests
  15. Adverse reactions to hair products
  16. Occupational disorders in hairdressers
  17. Hair shaft abnormalities
  18. The hair pigmentation unit and hair graying
  19. Alopecia
  20. Seborrhea
  21. Dandruff (pityriasis capitis simplex) : of yeasts and men
  22. Dermatitis and eczema of the scalp
  23. Scalp dermatoses
  24. Hair transplantation
  25. Hair : a psychoanalytical perspective

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The Science of Hair Care
Second Edition
edited by Claude Bouillon, and John Wilkinson

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