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Sea Trout
Biology, Conservation & Management
Edited by Graeme Harris

Sea Trout is the full sea-going form, it is very common and competes with salmon for the position of the most sought after migratory salmonid in many countries.

Sea Trout covers:

  • Stocks and fisheries
  • Genetics and life history
  • Ecology and population dynamics
  • Management of stocks and world fisheries


  1. Setting the Scene - Sea Trout in England and Wales - A Personal Perspective

Stocks and Fisheries

  1. Patterns of Anadromy and Migrations of Pacific Salmon and Trout at Sea
  2. A Review of the Status of Irish Sea Trout Stocks
  3. Characteristics of the Sea Trout Stock Collaspe in the River Ewe
  4. Characteristics of the Sea Trout Stocks from the Owengowla and Invermore Fisheries, Connemara, Western Ireland, and Recent Trends in Marine Survival
  5. Annual Variation in Age Composition, Growth and Abundance of Adult Sea Trout Returning to the River Dee at Chester
  6. Sea Trout Stock Descriptions in England and Wales
  7. The Rod and Net Sea Trout Fisheries of England and Wales
  8. General Overview of Turkish Sea Trout Populations
  9. The Status and Exploitation of Sea Trout on the Finnish Coast of the Gulf of Bothnia in the Baltic Sea
  10. Sea Trout in European Salmon Rivers

Genetics and Life History

  1. Genetics of Sea Trout, with Particular Reference to Britain and Ireland
  2. The Genetics Basis of Smoltification: Functional Genomics Tools Facilitate the Search for the Needle in the Haystack
  3. Life History of the Anadromous Trout
  4. Migration as a Life-History Strategy for the Sea Trout
  5. Life History of a Sea Trout Population from the North-West Iberian Peninsula
  6. Review and Perspectives on Molecular Genetic Approaches to Sea Trout Biology

Population Dynamics, Ecology and Behaviour

  1. A 35-Year Study of Stock-Recruitment Relationships in a Small Population of Sea Trout: Assumptions, Implications and Limitations for Predicting Targets
  2. Characteristics of the Burrishoole Sea Trout Population: Census, Marine Survival, Enhancement and Stock-Recruitment Relationship
  3. Population Dynamics and Stock-Recruitment Relationship of Sea Trout in the River Bresle, Upper Normandy, France

Managing Stocks and Fisheries

  1. The Spawning Habitat Requirements of Sea Trout: A Multi-Scale Approach
  2. Research Activities and Management of Brown Trout and Sea Trout in Denmark
  3. Stocking Sea Trout in the River Shieldaig, Scotland
  4. Is Stocking with Sea Trout Compatible wiht the Conservation of Wild Trout
  5. Sea Lice Infestations of Post-Smolt Sea Trout in Loch Shieldaig, Wester Ross
  6. Comparison of Survival, Migration and Growth in Wild, Offspring from Wild and Domesticated Sea-Run Trout
  7. The Rapid Establishment of a Resident Brown Trout Population from Sea Trout Progeny Stocked in a Fishless Stream
  8. Predicted Growth of Juvenile Trout and Salmon in Four Rivers in England and Wales Based on Past and Possible Future Temperature Regimes Linked to Climate Change
  9. Sea Trout in Five Rivers in England and Wales
  10. Catch and Release, Net Fishing and Sea Trout Fisheries Management
  11. A Review of the Statutory Regulations to Conserve Sea Trout Stocks in England and Wales
  12. An Appreciation of the Social and Economic Values of Sea Trout in England and Wales
  13. Sea Trout Fisheries Management: Should We Follow the Salmon
  14. Perspectives on Sea Trout Science and Management


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Sea Trout
Biology, Conservation & Management
Edited by Graeme Harris

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