Selenium handbook from C.H.I.P.S.

Selenium in Food
and Health

Second edition
by Conor Reilly

The second edition of Selenium in Food and Health covers the new information that has been published over the past decade, by investigators from a wide range of specialties.

Selenium in Food and Health, 2nd edition presents information in an easy-to-follow manner for the general reader who wants to make an informed judgement about the competing claims for and against the value of selenium as a nutritional supplement, and for professionals who want to keep abreast of the latest findings about its potential role in the management of human health.



  • The element selenium
  • The discovery of selenium
  • Selenium chemistry
  • Distribution of selenium in the lithosphere
  • Sources and production of selenium
  • Industrial and other applications of selenium
  • Selenium analysis
The Biology of Selenium

  • A belated recognition
  • The biological role of selenium in prokaryotes
  • Selenium in plants
  • Selenium in animal tissues

Selenium Metabolism

  • The metabolic roles of selenium
  • Selenoprotein synthesis
  • Regulation of seloprotein expression
  • Selenium status

Selenium in Health and Disease I: The Agricultural Connection

  • Selenium and agriculture
  • Selenium toxicity in farm animals
  • The other face of selenium - an essential nutrient
  • Selenium-responsive conditions in animals
  • Selenium supplementation of livestock

Selenium in Health and Disease II: Endemic Selenium-Related Conditions in Humans

  • Selenium toxicity
  • Endemic diseases related to selenium deficiency in humans
  • Kaschin-Beck disease
  • Combined endemic selenium and iodine deficiencies

Selenium in Health and Disease III: Non-Endemic Selenium-Responsive Conditions, Cancer, and Coronary Vascular Disease

  • Non-endemic selenium deficiency
  • Other iatrogenic selenium deficiencies
  • Selenium and cancer
  • The carcinostatic properties of selenium compounds
  • Selenium and cardiovascular disease

Selenium in Health and Disease IV: The Immune Response and other Selenium-Related Conditions

  • The immune system
  • Selenium and viral infections
  • Selenium and human fertility
  • Selenium and preeclampsia

Selenium in health and Disease V: Selenium Deficiency in Search of a Disease?

  • Selenium and other health conditions
  • Selenium and aging
  • Selnium and age-related degenerative disorders of the eye
  • Sudden infant death dyndrome
  • Selenium and brain function
  • Other possible selenium-related conditions
  • Other health conditions and selenium

Selenium in Foods

  • Selenium in food
  • Selenium levels in individual foodstuffs
  • Selenium in drinking water

Selenium in Diets

  • Selenium status and dietary intakes
  • Dietary intakes of selenium in different coutnries
  • Variations in dietary intakes between countries
  • Changes in dietary intakes of selenium
  • Use of dietary supplements to change selenium intake
  • Enhancing selenium content of foods
  • Dietary reference values for selenium
  • The future—is supplementation the way forward?

Selenium in the Environment

  • Metals and metalloids in the environment
  • Environmental contamination with selenium caused by industrial activities
  • Detoxification of selenium-contaminated soils by bacteria
  • Selenium in water systems: its mercury detoxification role
  • Selenium in the workplace environment


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Selenium in Food and Health
Second edition
by Conor Reilly
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