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Special Events
Proven Strategies for Nonprofit Fundraising
2nd edition with cd-rom
by Alan L. Wendroff

This comprehensive and detail-rich book is a great addition to a fundraising library. Novices will find their anxiety banished and seasoned professionals will find they still can learn some things. If you want maximum mileage out of your events, use this book.


Special Event Fundraising—A Beginning

  • A Few Definitions for Fundraising Special Events
  • Seven Goals for a Successful Special Event
  • Dinner à la Heart: A Creative Special Event
  • Who Will Benefit from This Book?
  • How to Use This Book: An Overview
  • METT Checklist

Chapter 1: The Master Event Timetable (METT)

  • The Master Event Timetable (METT)
  • To Do This Week: The METT in Action
  • Master Event Timetable Applied to Dinner à la Heart
  • METT Checklist

Chapter 2: Choosing the Event

  • Do Not Pass Go—Should the Organization Have an Event?
  • Key Elements for Executing a Special Event
  • Choosing a Special Event
  • Five Models for a Special Event
  • Emergency Drill
  • METT Checklist

Chapter 3: Monetary Goals and Budgets

  • Key Elements to Consider When Putting Together the Special Event
  • Budget Strategy
  • Event Pricing
  • Calculating Revenue Sources
  • Estimating Attendance: Calculating Minimum Revenue
  • What Items Make Up Gross Revenue?
  • Packaging of Premium Tables and Advertisements
  • Underwriters and Sponsors
  • In-Kind Donations
  • Revenue Considerations for Events in Smaller Communities
  • Mastering Revenue and Expense Items
  • Putting It All Together
  • Computer Spreadsheets and Databases: Keeping the Event and the Budget on Track
  • METT Checklist

Chapter 4: Recruiting Volunteer Leadership for Your Event

  • First Enlist the Stakeholders
  • Agency Governing Board
  • Agency Development Committee
  • Reverse Networking
  • The Event Chair and Agency Professional
  • Co-Chair Responsibilities
  • Who’s on First?
  • The Community-Wide Event Committee
  • Honorary Chairpersons
  • Volunteers and Communication
  • A Case Statement for Special Events
  • METT Checklist

Chapter 5: Networking in the Community

  • The Community-Wide Event Committee—The Marketing Team
  • Committee Information Kit and the Agenda for the Committee Meeting
  • Underwriting the Event: Corporate Sponsorship
  • List Management
  • METT Checklist

Chapter 6: On the Internet: Plan an Event Online Real Quick!

  • Building the Structure
  • First Decisions
  • An Input Screen
  • First Recruitments
  • Required Documents
  • The Marketing Process
  • Save That Date
  • Potential Enhancements
  • A Very Clever Invitation
  • In Internet Reminder
  • An Actual Strategic Plan
  • METT Checklist

Chapter 7: Marketing

  • Definition and Introduction to Special Event Marketing
  • Identifying the Market
  • Segmenting, Targeting, and Positioning
  • Key Marketing Words and Actions
  • A Special Event Marketing Plan
  • A Special Event Marketing Plan—Example
  • Riding the Internet Wave
  • Getting Your Message to the Media
  • METT Checklist

Chapter 8: Special Event Administration

  • The First Concerns: Location, Food, and Service
  • Important People
  • Negotiating Points in Contracts
  • Event Staffing Requirements
  • Don’t Be Stingy with Servers
  • Designing the Site: Where to Place the Tables and Podiums
  • Postal Matters
  • Insurance
  • Printing and Printers
  • Additional Considerations: Decorations, Additional Administrative Concerns
  • Financial Matters
  • METT Checklist

Chapter 9: The Final Weeks to Event Day

  • Master Event Timetable Introduction
  • Motivational Techniques for Event Committee Members
  • The Hot-Prospect Scenario
  • More Motivational Techniques for Event Committee Members
  • Seating Guests
  • Reception and Check-In Desk
  • Documents
  • Setting the Pace for the Event
  • The PDQ Checklist
  • METT Checklist

Chapter 10: The Big Day: Why Success Is in the Details

  • The Final Countdown
  • Event Day—Time Line
  • METT Checklist

Chapter 11: Thank You and Goodbye!

  • Always Say Thank You
  • How to Say Thank You
  • Finance
  • Evaluation
  • METT Checklist


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Special Events
Proven Strategies for Nonprofit Fundraising
2nd edition with cd-rom
by Alan L. Wendroff
2004 • 244 pages • $64.00 + shipping

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