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Shelf Life:
Food Industry Briefing Series
by Dominic Man

As with all the books in the series, the aim here is to provide students of food science and technology as well as food professionals with a ready reference on the important subject of shelf life of foods.

  • concise, easy-to-use, quick reference book
  • enable user to gain a quick working knowledge of Shelf Life
  • written by an expert in the field with proven experience
  • part of the exciting new series Food Industry Briefing

Although it is not intended to replace existing substantial textbooks and references of food shelf life, it does contain the essential information in a concise format that will assist interested readers to tackle the day-to-day problems related to shelf life of foods.

The book will appeal to senior students of food science and technology and related disciplines, and to practising food professionals such as product developers, quality assurance technologists, etc. Contents

  1. Introduction to shelf life of foods - frequently asked questions
    • What is shelf life?
    • Why are food safety and shelf life related?
    • With whom does the responsibility of determining shelf life lie?
    • Is it illegal to give a wrong shelf life to a food product?
    • How long a shelf life should my product have?
    • What is accelerated shelf life determination?
    • What are the resources required for determining shelf life?
    • How is the end of shelf life normally decided?
    • How do we ensure that the shelf lives established for our products are accurate and reproducible?
    • Can computer models help in shelf life determination?
    • What is challenge testing?
    • Can the shelf life of my product be extended?
    • How are storage tests/trials set up for determining shelf life?
    • Objectives of the storage trial
    • Storage conditions
    • Samples for storage trials
    • Sampling schedule
    • Shelf life tests
  2. The ways food deteriorates and spoils
    • Mechanisms of food deterioration and spoilage
    • Factors influencing the shelf life of foods
  3. Determining shelf life in practice
    • Short shelf life products
    • Medium shelf life products
    • Long shelf life products
  • The arrhenius model
  • The CIMSCEE formulae for microbiological safety and stability

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Shelf Life
Food Industry Briefing Series
by Dominic Man

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