Shopping Center Planning and Management
from C.H.I.P.S.

Shopping Centers and Other Retail Properties
Investment, Development, Financing, and Management
edited by John R. White and Kevin D. Gray

Shopping centers and other forms of retail properties continue to be among the soundest real estate investments in North America. But retail property is a highly specialized field of real estate development with a unique and complex set of legal, financial, development, management, and marketing variables about which investors and developers must possess a sound working knowledge. Now this book arms with you with that knowledge, and much more.

The most comprehensive, authoritative, up-to-date resource of its kind, Shopping Centers and Other Retail Properties covers every vital aspect of negotiating, buying, selling, developing, managing, and marketing shopping centers and other retail properties. Editors John R. White and Kevin D. Gray, of the leading real estate consulting firm Landauer Associates, and an all-star team of experts in the field of shopping center and retail property development, share everything they know about:

  • All important legal issues
  • Investment and feasibility analysis
  • Valuation requirements and performance measures
  • Planning, designing, and renovating retail properties
  • Developing and investing in local and community shopping centers, highway retail centers, and regionals and super regionals
  • Operating and managing retail centers
  • Mortgage financing and financing through public and private equity issues
  • Space marketing and lease terms
  • Macro and micro market analysis
  • and much more
Shopping Centers and Other Retail Properties is an indispensable working resource for both new and experienced retail property investors and developers as well as those who work with them, including attorneys, accountants, analysts, appraisers, planners, managers, brokers, and consultants.


  1. Retailing in the Twenty-First Century
  2. Real Estate Product Response to Retail Demand
  3. The Investment Structure and Investors in Retail Real Estate
  4. Legal Considerations Confronting the Shopping Center Industry
  5. Analyzing Market Demand for Shopping Centers
  6. Analyzing the Specifics of Retail Markets
  7. The Role of Feasibility and Investment Analysis in the Investment Decision
  8. The Formats Employed in New Retail Strategies
  9. Planning, Designing, and Renovating Retail Properties
  10. Developing and Investing in Local and Community Centers and Highway Retail
  11. Developing and Investing in Regional and Super-Regional Malls
  12. The Competitive Position of Central Business Districts and Main Street Retail Property
  13. Space Marketing and Lease Terms in Shopping Centers
  14. Operating and Managing Retail Centers
  15. The Business and Promotional Aspects of Retail Centers
  16. Various Means of Debt Financing for Shopping Centers
  17. Capital for Shopping Centers Through Public and Private Equity Issues
  18. how Investors Purchase and Sell Retail Properties
  19. Sales Agency Marketing of Shopping Centers
  20. Appraising Retail Properties
  21. Accounting Aspects of Retail Properties
  22. Counseling for Retail Properties and Performance Measures

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Shopping Centers and Other Retail Properties
Investment, Development, Financing, and Management
edited by John R. White and Kevin D. Gray

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