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Shrimp Culture
Economics, Market, and Trade
by PingSun Leung

Shrimp Culture is the most important commodity, by value, in the international seafood trade.

Shrimp Culture brings together recent findings of researchers from around the world working in various aspects of the economics of shrimp farming.


Market and Trade

  1. An Overview of Global Shrimp Markets and Trade
  2. Export Performance of Frozen Cultured Shrimp in the Japan, U.S., and EU Markets: A Global Assessment
  3. WTO Trade Rules with an Update on the Doha Round Negotiations and a Short Reference to Antidumping Actions
  4. Structural Changes and Regulations of Imported Shrimp in Japan
  5. Integrating Supply and Demand Factors in the Diffusion Rates of Aquaculture Technology for the International Shrimp Industry

Economics of Sustainable Shrimp Development

  1. Economic Effects of Components of Best Management Practices for Small-Scale Shrimp Farms in Honduras and Cooperatives in Nicaragua
  2. Production Performance Economic Indicators and Their Role in the Planning and Assessment of the Sustainable Development of Aquaculture
  3. Vietnamese Shrimp Farming at a Key Point in Its Development: A Review of Issues Examining Whether Development is Being Carried Out in a Sustainable Way
  4. Economic Issues in Promoting Sustainable Shrimp Farming: A Case Study of the Rice-Shrimp System in the Mekong Delta
  5. Utilization of Coastal Areas for Shrimp Farming in Southern Thailand
  6. A Review of Shrimp Farming in Central Thailand and Its Environmental Implications

Economics of Shrimp Farming in Selected Regions

  1. Economics of Gei Wai Shrimp Culture in Hong Kong: From Commerical Aquaculture to Bird Production
  2. An Economic Evaluation of Shrimp Farming Industry in Taiwan
  3. An Overview of China's Cultured Shrimp Industry
  4. Practices and Economics of Successful Shrimp Farms in the Philippines
  5. The Economics of Shrimp Farming in Selected Asian Countries
  6. Economics and Management of Freshwater Prawn Culture in Western Hemisphere

Economics of Recirculating Systems, Feeding and Production Management

  1. Economics of Integrating Nursery Systems into Indoor Biosecure Recirculating Saltwater Shrimp Grow-out Systems
  2. Comparative Cost of Shrimp Production: Earthen Ponds Versus Recirculating to Feeds and Feeding
  3. A Decision Support System for Efficient Scheduling of Multipond and Multicycle Commercial Shrimp Culture


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Shrimp Culture
Economics, Market, and Trade
by PingSun Leung

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