SIETE—Seven Spanish Patisserie Masters
in English/Spanish from C.H.I.P.S.

Seven Masters of Modern Spanish Patisserie
Siete Maestros de la Pastelería Moderna Española

They are seven of Spain’s champions. But they are more than that. They are seven grand professionals who, in their careers, have not stopped evolving and who are the protagonists in Spanish patisserie.

Seven personalities, seven different styles, seven ways of understanding this work. Seven winners who have worked hard to achieve their success. They are definitely seven great masters in Spain’s modern patisserie.

Each of the seven patissiers showcased in this gorgeous book has demonstrated personality, their own style, creativity, and enough contributions to the sector to be able to form part of the movement we call new Spanish patisserie.


  • Showcases works of seven of Spain's great master patissiers
  • Color photos throughout the book of techniques and finished works
  • Ingredients given in metric units for the professional patissier
  • Instructions and ingredients given in English and in Spanish
  • Works include: chocolate cakes; petits fours; desserts; cookies; bonbons; frozen desserts; savories; and more

Here are the seven master patissiers showcased in this book:

Paco Torreblanca is the origin, the beginning, and without a doubt ahead of his time. He is the father of modern patisserie in this country and one of the most respected names in the whole world.
Oriol Balaguer is art patisserie. He is a collector and designer’s patisserie in Barcelona, Madrid, Tokyo y Riyadh.
Jordi Pujol is practicality, functionality, the value of order and simplicity. His is a patisserie of architecture, rationality, and the straight line.
Ramon Morató is chocolate’s theory and practice. He is didactic and is patisserie’s wise common thread. He is knowledge.
Carles Mampel is the total chef, both in sweet and savory recipes. He is instinct, spontaneous creativity, and the spark.
Miguel Sierra is renovation within renovation. He is conceptual patisserie, of fusion with the environment and of an eternal search.
Jacob Torreblanca is the future continuity of the initial path. He is love for the trade, permanent apprenticeship and a will for constant improvement.

They all have something in common – they all hold the title of Best Master Artisan Pastry Chef of Spain (MMAPE). These seven patissiers have all earned a distinguished place in the vanguard of the always-praised Spanish gastronomy.

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Seven Masters of Modern Spanish Patisserie
Siete Maestros de la Pastelería Moderna Española
2009 • 327 pages • 9½" X 11½" • $199.00 + shipping
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