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Skin Barrier
Chemistry of Skin Delivery Systems
edited by Johann W. Wiechers

Skin Barrier is the cosmetic and personal care industries’ preferred destination for the latest information on formulations, new technologies, ingredients, testing and news.

Skin Barrier includes topics such as:

  • Basics of skin penetration
  • Skin barrier maintenance and repair
  • Measurement techniques
  • Emulsions as delivery systems
  • Vesicles as delivery systems
  • Silicones
  • And more!


Basics of Skin Penetration

  1. Optimizing Skin Delivery
  2. Avoiding Transdermal Cosmetic Delivery
  3. Pathways for Skin Penetration
  4. Delivering on Antiaging Potential

Skin Lipids

  1. Building a Better Barrier from the Inside Out
  2. Topical Formulations Conforming to the Structure of the Skin
  3. Applications of Essential Fatty Acids in Skin Care, Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals
  4. Oleic Acid-induced Skin Penetration Effects of a Lamellar Delivery System

Skin Barrier Maintenance and Repair

  1. Comparing Methods to Measure Skin Integrity In Vitro
  2. Correlating Transepidermal Water Loss and Percutaneous Absorption: An Overview
  3. Barrier Creams (Skin Protective Creams)
  4. Skin Barrier Function: Effects of Moisturizers
  5. Properties of a Pseudoceramide Multi-Lamellar Emulsion In Vitro and In Vivo

Skin Delivery: Measurement Techniques

  1. Role of Skin Absorption in Cosmetic Development
  2. Dermatopharmacokinetics for Assessing Bioequivalence of Topically Applied Products in Human Skin
  3. Advanced Methods Measure Skin Penetrants at the Parts-Per-Billion Level
  4. AMS Revolutionizes Absorption and Metabolism Studies
  5. Testing for Penetration of the Skin Barrier

Future Developments in Skin Delivery

  1. Emerging Technologies and the Future of Cosmetic Science
  2. Using Tissue Engineered Skin to Evaluate the Irritation Potential of Skin Care Products
  3. A Technical Perspective on Skin Delivery Systems for Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Applications: Looking Towards the Future

Delivery Systems

Emulsions as Skin Delivery Systems

  1. Formulating Cosmetic Emulsions: A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Relative Performance Testing of Formulations: Emollients
  3. Relative Performance Testing of Formulations: Emulsifiers
  4. Formulating for Efficacy
  5. Liquid Crystals and Emulsions: A Wonderful Marriage
  6. New Membrane Emulsification Technologies for Production of Micro- and Nanoemulsions
  7. Rationalizing and Producing Nanoemulsions for Personal Care

Vesicles as Skin Delivery Systems

  1. Skin Delivery from Lipid Vesicles
  2. Delivery Review - Looking at Liposomes
  3. Penetration and Metabolism of Isoflavones in Human Skin
  4. Spontaneous Formation of Liposomes from Lamellar Liquid Crystals
  5. New Liposome Gels by Self Organization of Vesicles and Intelligent Polymers
  6. Silicone-Based Vesicle Delivery Systems
  7. Liposome Stability via Multi-Walled Delivery Systems
  8. Charged Vesicles for Delivering Actives in Surfactant-based Formulations

Encapsulation as a Means to Enhance Skin Delivery

  1. Encapsulation Technologies: Tailored Solutions for Delivery
  2. A Triply Stabilized System to Improve Retinol Stability
  3. Modified Mica as a Vehicle for Unstable or Irritating Ingredients
  4. Nanotechnology Enhances Bio-Adhesion and Release After Rinse-Off
  5. Comparision Among Assorted Drying Processes for Encapsulation of Flavors
  6. Spray Drying: An In-Depth Look at the Steps in Spray Drying and the Different Options Available to Flavorists
  7. Evaluating Encapsulation Economics

Alternative Skin Delivery Systems

  1. The Wipe: A Carrier of Skin Benefits
  2. Topical Aerosol Foam Formulations
  3. Foam: The Future of Effective Cosmeceuticals
  4. Using Iontophoresis to Enhance Cosmetics Delivery
  5. A Systematic Approach to Cosmetic Patch Development
  6. Inviting Aromas: Delivery Systems in the Growing Home Air Care Market
  7. Fabric Care: Distribution of Aroma Chemicals on Textile Fibers
  8. Textile Materials with Fixed Cyclodextrins as a Fragrance
  9. Skin Delivery of Active Ingredients from Fabrics

Special Chemistry in Delivery Systems

Emulsions as Skin Delivery Systems

  1. Cyclodextrins in Skin Delivery
  2. Cosmetic Textiles—A New Functionality of Clothes


  1. Silicone Technologies as Delivery Systems via Physical Associations
  2. Controlled Release of Active Ingredients from Cross-Linked Silicones
  3. Silicones Bring Multifunctional Performance to Sun Care

Solvents, Surfactants and Polymers

  1. Improved Delivery and Efficacy with Dimethyl Isosorbide
  2. A Hydrophobically Modified Inulin Surfactant for Preparing and Stabilizing Nanoemulsions
  3. Dendrimers That Deliver
  4. In Closing: Using Polymers as a Delivery System


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Skin Barrier
Chemistry of Skin Delivery Systems
edited by Johann W. Wiechers

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