Biotechnology and Genetics
in Animal and Plant Science

Agricultural Biotechnology: Challenges and Prospects (Bhalgat) 157.95
Banana Improvement: Cellular Molecular Biology and Induced Mutations (Jain) 123.00
Bioactive Compounds from Natural Sources (Tringali) 178.95
Biocontrol of Oilseed Rape Pests (Alford) 242.00
Biologically Active Natural Products: Agrochemicals (Cutler) 158.95
Biologically Active Natural Products: Pharmaceuticals (Cutler) 158.95
Biotechnology of Biofertilizers (Kannaiyan) 238.00
Catalysis for Renewables: From Feedstock to Energy Production (Centi) 189.00
Ecological Aspects for Application of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes (Takken and Scott) 94.00
Farm Animal Genetic Resources (Simm) 82.95
Flavonoid Metabolism (Stafford) 358.95
Flavonoids in Health and Disease (Rice-Evans and Packer) 218.95
Fruit and Vegetable Biotechnology (Valpuesta) 238.95
Fungal Biotechnology in Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Applications (Arora) 228.95
Future Impacts of Biotechnology on Agriculture, Food Production and Food Processing (Menrad) 118.00
Genetically Engineered Food: Methods and Detection, 2nd edition (Heller) 174.00
Genetic Resources Chromosome Engineering and Crop Improvement Volume 2: Cereals (Singh) 168.95
Genetics and Genomics of Soybean (Stacey) 148.00
GGE Biplot Analysis: A Graphical Tool for Breeders, Geneticists and Agronomists (Yan and Kang) 138.95
Handbook of Microalgal Culture: Biotechnology and Applied Phycology (Richmond) 316.95
Handbook of New Technologies for Genetic Improvement of Legumes (Kirti) 138.95
Introduction to Biotechnology DVD 150.00
Methods in Animal Proteomics (Eckersall) 208.95
Microbial Biotechnology in Agriculture and Aquaculture Volume 1 (Ray) 108.00
Microbial Biotechnology in Horticulture Volume 1 (Ray) 127.00
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry of Fruit Ripening (Seymour) 198.95
Molecular Farming: Plant-Made Pharmaceuticals and Technical Proteins (Fischer and Schillberg) 224.00
Molecular Markers in Plant Genetics and Biotechnology (Vienna) 88.00
Nanotechnology in the Agri-Food Sector: Implications for the Future (Frewer) 134.00
Natural Growth Inhibitors and Phytohormones in Plants and Environment (Kefeli and Kalevitch) 188.00
Plant Biopolymer Science: Food and Non-Food Applications (Renard, Valle, and Popineau) 96.95
Plant Biotechnology and Transgenic Plants (Oksman-Caldentey and Barz) 238.95
Plant Biotechnology: Current and Future Applications of Genetically Modified Crops (Halford) 149.00
Plant Biotechnology: 2002 and Beyond (Vasil) 288.00
Plant Food Allergens (Mills and Shewry) 199.00
Plant Genomics and Proteomics (Cullis) 94.95
Plant Proteomics: Technologies, Strategies, and Applications (Agrawal) 149.00
Plant Secondary Metabolites: Occurrence, Structure and Role in the Human Diet (Crozier) 209.00
Practical Genetics for Aquaculture (Greglutz) 131.00
Quantitative Genetics with Special Reference to Plant and Animal Breeding (Comstock) 158.95
Renewables-Based Technology: Sustainability Assessment (DeWulf) 159.00
Science of Flavonoids (Grotewold) 178.00
Thin Layer Chromatography in Phytochemistry (Waksmundzka-Hajnos) 198.95
Weedy and Invasive Plant Genomics (Stewart) 198.95
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