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Livestock Care and Management
Beef and Dairy

Applying HACCP-Based Quality risk Management on Dairy Farms 127.00
Beef Cattle Management Practices DVD 114.00
Beef Cattle Management Practices I DVD 79.00
Beef Cattle Management Practices II DVD 79.00
Beef Cut Judging DVD 49.00
Beef Grading: Quality DVD 99.00
Beef Grading: Yield DVD 99.00
Beef Practice: Cow-Calf Production Medicine (Chenoweth) 84.00
Beef Reproduction DVD 117.00
Beef Reproduction 1 Video 95.00
Beef Reproduction 2 Video 95.00
Beef Reproduction 3 Video 95.00
Beef Retail Cut ID DVD 75.00
Bovine Anatomy: An Illustrated Text (Budras) 162.95
Bovine Genomics (Womack) 198.95
Bovine Medicine: Diseases and Husbandry of Cattle (Andrews) 327.95
Bovine Surgery and Lameness, 2nd edition (Weaver) 71.00
Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus: Diagnosis Management and Control (Goyal) 153.95
Cattle Breed ID: Composites—DVD 85.00
Cattle Breed ID: Dairy—DVD 70.00
Cleaning-in-Place: Dairy, Food and Beverage Operations, 3rd edition (Tamime) 228.95
Dairy Cattle Judging and Evaluation DVD 195.00
Dairy Cattle Judging: Cows DVD 99.00
Dairy Cattle Judging: Fundamentals DVD Training 99.00
Dairy Cattle Judging: Fundamentals Video Training 99.00
Dairy Cattle Judging: Heifers DVD 99.00
Dairy Cattle Judging: Oral Reasons DVD 99.00
Dairy Cow DVD 49.00
Dairy Cow Video 49.00
Dairying: Using Science to Meet Consumers' Needs (Kebreab) 76.95
Dairy Judging: Practice DVD 95.00
Dairy Management Practices DVD 79.00
Dairy Plant: Field Trip DVD 95.00
Dairy Processing and Quality Asurance (Chandan) 228.95
Dairy Production Medicine (Risco) 123.95
Excel Beef Plant: Fabrication DVD 125.00
Excel Beef Plant: Fabrication Video 125.00
Excel Beef Plant: Slaughter DVD 150.00
Field Trip: Cattle Research Feedlot DVD 79.00
Field Trip: Feedyard DVD 79.00
Handbook of Farm, Dairy, and Food Machinery (Kutz) 344.00
Herd Health and Production Management in Dairy Practice (Brand) 124.00
Indicators of Milk and Beef Quality (Hocquette and Gigli) 89.95
Linear Evaluation and Final Score Assignment DVD 95.00
Livestock Judging: Breeding Heifer Evaluation DVD (Elliott) 99.00
Livestock Judging: Market Steer Evaluation DVD 99.00
Mastitis in Dairy Production (Hogenveen) 175.00
Practice Beef Carcass Judging—DVD 49.00
Practice Dairy Cattle Judging 1 DVD 49.00
Practice Dairy Cow Judging DVD 49.00
Practice Dairy Heifer Judging DVD 49.00
Prions and Mad Cow Disease (Nunnally and Krull) 188.95
Sustainable Dairy Production (de Jong) 198.95
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