Agricultural Crops
Cereal/Seed and Other Crops

Agri Info: Guidelines for World Crop and Livestock Production (Farnworth) 434.00
Barley: Production, Improvement, and Uses (Ullrich) 248.95
Biological Control of Crop Diseases (Gnanamanickam) 218.95
Breeding Field Crops, 5th edition (Sleeper) 89.00
Breeding Major Food Staples (Kang) 169.00
Chemistry of Crop Protection: Progress and Prospects in Science and Regulations (Voss and Ramos) 254.00
Coffee: Recent Developments (Clarke and Vitzthum) 263.95
Compendium of Hop Diseases and Pests (Mahaffee) 68.00
Cotton: Origin History Technology and Production (Smith) 370.95
Crop Adaptation to Climate Change (Yadav) 248.95
Crop Postharvest: Science and Technology Volume 1: Principles and Practice (Golob/Farrell/Orchard) 316.95
Crop Postharvest: Science and Technology, Volume 2: Durables (Hodges) 231.95
Crop Responses to Environment (Hall) 99.95
Disease Control in Crops: Biological and Environmentally Friendly Approaches (Walters) 187.95
Encyclopedia of Plant Pathology • 2 Volume Set (Maloy and Murray) 995.00
Encyclopedia of Seed Production of World Crops (Kelly) 464.00
Fusarium Head Blight of Wheat and Barley (Leonard) 89.00
Genetics and Breeding of Sugar Beet (Biancardi) 98.00
Grain Drying: Theory and Practice (Pabis) 395.00
Growth and Mineral Nutrition of Field Crops 2nd edition (Fageria) 278.95
Handbook of New Technologies for Genetic Improvement of Legumes (Kirti) 138.95
Handbook of Organic Food Processing and Production, 2nd edition (Wright) 169.00
Handbook of Plant and Crop Physiology 2nd edition, revised and expanded (Pessarakli) 248.95
Handbook of Plant Growth: pH as the Master Variable (Rengel) 225.95
Handbook of Plant Virus Diseases (Sutic) 188.95
Handbook of Postharvest Technology: Cereals, Fruits, Vegetables, Tea, and Spices (Chakraverty/Mujumdar/Raghavan/Ramaswamy) 238.95
Hop Flavor and Aroma (Shellhammer) 69.00
Mansfield's Encyclopedia of Agricultural and Horticultural Crops 6-Volume Set (Hanelt) 1,348.00
Model Plants and Crop Improvements (Varshney) 158.95
Oil Palm, 4th edition (Corley) 314.00
Oilseed Crops, 2nd edition (Weiss) 231.95
Organic Production and Use of Alternative Crops (Bavec) 138.95
Perspectives in World Food and Agriculture 2004 (Scanes) 69.00
Physiology of Crop Yield, 2nd edition (Hay) 63.00
Phytochemical Signals and Plant-Microbe Interactions (Romeo) 153.00
Phytoremediation: Transformation and Control of Contaminants (McCutcheon/Schnoor) 149.00
Plant Biotechnology and Transgenic Plants (Oksman-Caldentey and Barz) 238.95
Plant Environment Interactions (Wilkinson) 179.95
Plant Genomics and Proteomics (Cullis) 94.95
Plant Pathogen Detection and Disease Diagnosis 2nd edition (Narayanasamy) 218.95
Plant Responses to Environmental Stresses: From Phytohormones to Genome Reorganization (Lerner) 238.95
Plant Roots: The Hidden Half, 3rd edition (Waisel) 288.95
Principles of Plant Breeding 2nd edition (Allard) 137.00
Recent Advances of Research in Antinutritional Factors in Legume Seeds and Oilseeds (Muzquiz) 119.00
Rice Quality: A Guide to Rice Properties and Analysis (Bhattacharya) 269.00
Safety in the Agri-Food Chain (Luning) 161.00
Seed Proteins (Shewry and Casey) 698.00
Sorghum: Origin, History, Technology, and Production (Smith) 370.50
Storage of Cereal Grains and Their Products, 4th edition (Bauer 158.00
Sugar Beet (Draycott) 284.00
Sugar Cane, 2nd edition (Smith) 168.99
Tobacco: Production, Chemistry and Technology (Davis) 241.95
Volatile Oil Crops (Hay) 149.95
Wheat: Chemistry and Utilization (Cornell) 138.95
Wheat: Ecology and Physiology of yield Determination (Satorre) 183.95
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