Horticulture and Plant Science

Biocomplexity of Plant-Fungal Interactions (Southworth) 198.95
Biology of Horticulture: An Introductory Textbook, 2nd edition (Preece and Read) 103.95
Biology of the Plant Cuticle (Riederer) 278.95
Cell Cycle Control and Plant Development (Inzé) 199.00
Control of Primary Metabolism in Plants (Plaxton) 273.95
Endogenous Plant Rhythms (Hall) 221.95
Flow Cytometry with Plant Cells: Analysis of Genes, Chromosomes and Genomes (Dolezel) 199.00
Flowering and Its Manipulation (Ainsworth) 210.95
Forb ID - DVD Training (McMullan) 55.00
Functional Plant Ecology, 2nd edition (Pugnaire) 158.95
Greenhouse Climate Control: An Integrated Approach (Bakker) 135.00
Greenhouses: Advanced Technology for Protected Horticulture (Hanan) 138.95
Handbook of Plant Nutrition (Barker) 148.95
Induced Resistance for Plant Defence: A Sustainable Approach to Crop Protection (Walters) 199.00
International Poisonous Plants Checklist: An Evidence-Based Reference (Wagstaff) 148.95
Intracellular Signaling in Plants (Yang) 238.95
Introduction to Greenhouse Management DVD 85.00
Introduction to Greenhouse Management Video 85.00
Introduction to Plant Breeding (Brown) 79.95
Introduction to Plant Physiology, 3rd edition (Hopkins) 140.95
Legume and Wood Plant ID - DVD Training (McMullan) 49.00
Mansfield's Encyclopedia of Agricultural and Horticultural Crops 6-Volume Set (Hanelt) 1,348.00
Microbial Biotechnology in Horticulture Volume 1 (Ray) 127.00
Molecular and Physiological Basis of Nutrient Use Efficiency in Crops (Hawkesford) 198.95
Molecular Aspects of Plant Disease Resistance (Parker) 208.95
North American Plantfile (Hightshoe & Groe) 153.95
North American Trees, 5th edition (Preston) 62.95
Plant Abiotic Stress (Jenks) 222.00
Plant Anatomy: Meristems, Cells, and Tissues of the Plant Body—Their Structure, Function, and Development, Esau's, 3rd edition (Evert) 169.00
Plant-Bacteria Interactions: Strategies and Techniques to Promote Plant Growth (Ahmad) 199.00
Plant Breeding: The Arnel R. Hallauer International Symposium (Lamkey) 178.95
Plant Cell Separation and Adhesion (Roberts) 223.95
Plant Desiccation Tolerance (Jenks) 208.95
Plant Growth and Climate Change (Morison) 211.00
Plant Hormone Signaling (Hedden) 243.95
Plant Micronutrients (Sharma) 100.00
Plant Mitochondria (Logan) 199.95
Plant Phenolics and Human Health: Biochemistry, Nutrition, and Pharmacology (Fraga) 124.95
Plant Proteomics (Finnie) 211.00
Plant Proteomics: Technologies, Strategies, and Applications (Agrawal) 149.00
Plant Roots: Growth, Activity and Interaction with Soils (Gregory) 211.00
Plasmodesmata (Oparka) 222.00
Principios Ecológicos en Agricultura (Powers) 49.95
Principles of Seed Science and Technology 4th edition (Copeland) 194.00
Quantitative Genetics with Special Reference to Plant and Animal Breeding (Comstock) 158.95
Regulation of Transcription in Plants (Grasser) 199.95
Science and the Garden: The Scientific Basis of Horticultural practice, 2nd edition (Ingram) 49.95
Seed Development, Dormancy and Germination (Bradford) 198.95
Signal Crosstalk in Plant Stress Responses (Yoshioka) 184.95
Structure and Function of Plants (MacAdam) 55.95
Tree ID - DVD Training (Robinson) 79.00
Weedy and Invasive Plant Genomics (Stewart) 198.95
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