Livestock Care and Management

Advanced Quality Grading: Slaughter Cattle DVD (Williams) 99.00
After BSE: A Future for the European Livestock Sector 52.00
AI: Striving for Perfection (Artificial Insemination) DVD Training 65.00
Alternative Health Practices for Livestock (Morris) 103.95
Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals, 7th edition (Frandson) 72.95
Animal Production and Animal Science Worldwide—World Association for Animal Production Book of the Year 2005 (Rosati) 148.00
Carcass Judging DVD 59.00
Color Atlas of Farm Animal Dermatology (Scott) 141.95
Foot and Mouth Disease 40.00
Fundamental Livestock Parturition DVD 89.00
Interactions Between Climate and Animal Production 52.00
Knowledge Transfer in Cattle Husbandry 79.95
Lawrie's Meat Science 7th edition (Lawrie) 108.95
Livestock Biodiversity: Genetic Resources for the Farming of the Future (Hall) 136.95
Livestock Grading DVD (Williams) 117.00
Livestock Judging: Breeding Gilt Evaluation DVD (Brock) 99.00
Livestock Grading: Feeder Cattle DVD (Williams) 95.00
Livestock Grading: Slaughter Cattle DVD (Williams) 95.00
Livestock Industry DVD (Jackson) 115.00
Livestock Judging DVD (Schaake) 273.00
Livestock Judging: Classes, Critiques & Reasons - I DVD (Rathmann) 195.00
Livestock Judging: Fundamentals DVD 99.00
Livestock Judging: Oral Reasons DVD (Craddock) 99.00
Livestock Judging: Practice 1 DVD (Elliot) 95.00
Livestock Judging: Practice Classes I DVD (Rathmann) 195.00
Livestock Production and Society (Geers) 97.00
Livestock Reproduction DVD 99.00
Manual for Treatment and Control of Lameness in Cattle (Van Amstel) 73.95
Meat Judging and Grading DVD 117.00
Meat Judging: Fundamentals DVD 99.00
Meat Judging: Practice DVD 99.00
Organic Meat and Milk from Ruminants (Kyriazakis) 89.95
Practice Cattle Breed ID—DVD 100.00
Practice Livestock Grading 1—DVD (Beeler) 195.00
Practice Livestock Grading 2—DVD (Beeler) 195.00
Practice Livestock Grading 3—DVD (Beeler) 195.00
Practice Livestock Judging 1—DVD Training (McCann) 195.00
Practice Retail Cut Judging DVD 49.00
Precision Livestock Farming '05 104.95
Production Diseases in Farm Animals (Joshi) 97.00
Reproduction in Cattle, 3rd edition (Ball) 83.95
Reproduction in Farm Animals, 7th edition (Hafez) 73.95
Retail Cut ID Contest Simulator CD-ROM 135.00
Retail Cut ID 1 DVD 195.00
Ruminant Digestive Systems: A Closer Look DVD 125.00
Sciences of Animal Welfare (Mellor) 56.95
Viral Diseases of Cattle, 2nd edition (Kahrs) 82.95
WAAP Book of the Year 2003 145.00
Well Being of Farm Animals: Challenges and Solutions (Benson) 83.95
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