Environmental Technology
Water Supply and Quality
Wastewater Systems

Advances in Water Desalination (Lior) 23==174.00
Alternative Sewer Systems, 2nd edition (Water Environment Federation) 98.95
Analytical Methods for Drinking Water (Ouevauviller) 199.00
Automation of Wastewater Treatment Facilities, 3rd edition (Water Environment Federation) 124.00
Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) Operation in Wastewater Treatment Plants (W.E.F.) 124.00
Computational Hydraulics and Hydrology (Adrien) 198.95
Construction Dewatering and Groundwater Control: New Methods and Applications, 3rd edition (Powers) 149.00
Cost Estimating Manual for Water Treatment Facilities (McGivney) 124.00
Cyanide in Water and Soil: Chemistry, Risk, and Management (Dzombak) 204.95
Design of Water Supply Pipe Networks (Swamee) 98.95
Diffuse Pollution of Water Resources: Principles and Case Studies in the Southern African Region (Hranova) 123.95
Drinking Water Regulation and Health (Pontius) 210.00
Drought Management and Planning for Water Resources (Andreu) 128.95
Environmental Instrumentation and Analysis Handbook (Down and Lehr) 184.95
Environmental Regulatory Calculations Handbook (Stander) 154.00
Fluid Mechanics of Environmental Interfaces (Gualtieri) 168.95
Food and Agricultural Wastewater Utilization and Treatment (Liu) 208.95
Fundamentals of Biological Wastewater Treatment (Wiesmann) 189.00
Gravity-Driven Water Flow in Networks (Jones) 148.95
Groundwater Age (Kazemi) 104.95
Groundwater Chemicals Desk Reference, 4th edition (Montgomery) 248.95
Groundwater Flow Understanding: From Local to Regional Scale (Carrillo) 79.95
Groundwater for Sustainable Development: problems, Perspectives, and Challenges (Bhattacharya) 178.95
Groundwater in Fractured Rocks (Krasny) 198.95
Groundwater Injection: Modeling, Risks, and Regulations (Blluetscher) 98.00
Groundwater Treatment Technology, 3rd edition (Nyer) 125.00
Handbook of Chlorination and Alternative Disinfectants, 5th edition (White) 148.95
Handbook of Drinking Water Quality 2nd edition (DeZuane) 164.00
Handbook of Groundwater Engineering, 2nd edition (Delleur) 154.95
Handbook of Hydrology (Maidment) 157.00
Handbook of Public Water Systems, 2nd edition (HDR Engineering, Inc.) 244.00
Handbook of Water Analysis, 2nd edition (Nollet) 338.95
Hydrodynamics and Water Quality: Modeling Rivers, Lakes and Estuaries (Ji) 124.00
Hydroinformatics: Data Integrative Approaches in Computation, Analysis, and Modeling (Kumar) 158.95
Hydrology and the Management of Watersheds, 3rd edition (Brooks) 84.95
In Situ Monitoring of Aquatic Systems (Buffle) 609.00
Integrated Watershed Management: Principles and Practice, 2nd edition (Heathcote) 125.00
Introduction to Isotope Hydrology: Stable and Radioactive Isotopes of Hydrogen, Carbon and Oxygen (Mook) 93.95
Introduction to Urban Water Distribution (Trifunovic) 208.95
Management Innovation in U.S. Public Water and Wastewater Systems (Seidenstat, Nadol, Kaplan, Hakim) 139.00
Membrane Systems for Wastewater Treatment (W.E.F.) 98.95
Microscopic Examination of the Activated Sludge Process (Gerardi) 68.95
Nanotechnology for Environmental Decontamination (Ram) 149.00
Natural Groundwater Quality (Edmunds) 168.95
Nitrification and Denitrification in the Activated Sludge Process (Gerardi) 73.95
Operation of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants, 3-Volume Set, 6th edition (Water Environment Federation) 247.00
Organic Pollutants in the Water Cycle (Reemtsma) 199.00
Ozone Reaction Kinetics for Water and Wastewater Systems (Beltran) 183.95
Personal Care Compounds in the Environment: Pathways, Fate, and Methods for Determination (Bester) 189.00
Physical Chemistry of Natural Waters (Millero) 191.95
Practical Reservoir Simulation (Carlson) 108.00
Practical Wastewater Treatment (Russell) 94.95
Principles of Water Law and Administration, National and International, 2nd edition (Carponera) 199.95
Principles of Water Resources: History, Development, Management, and Policy, 3rd edition (Cech) 119.95
Processing Water, Wastewater, Residuals, and Excreta for Health and Environmental Protection (Adrien) 198.95
Rapid Chemical and Biological Techniques for Water Monitoring (Gonzalez) 159.00
Risk Analysis of Water Pollution, 2nd Revised and Expanded edition (Ganoulis) 159.95
Risk Assessment for Chemicals in Drinking Water (Howd) 131.00
River Confluences, Tributaries and the Fluvial Network (Rice) 99.00
River Restoration: Managing the Uncertainty in Restoring Physical Habitat (Darby) 194.00
Securing Our Water Supply: Protecting a Vulnerable Resource (Kroll) 79.00
Sludge Engineering: The Treatment and Disposal of Wastewater Sludges (Sanin) 174.00
Statistical Framework for Recreational Water Quality Criteria and Monitoring (Wymer) 109.00
Statistical Methods for Groundwater Monitoring, 2nd edition (Gibbons) 114.00
Stormwater Collection Systems Design Handbook (Mays) 136.00
Submarine Groundwater (Zektser) 128.95
Total Maximum Daily Load: Approaches and Challenges (Younos) 98.00
Treated Wastewater in Agriculture: Use and Impacts on the Soil Environment and Crops (Levy) 198.95
Understanding Water Quality Management: Technology and Applications (Eckenfelder) 58.50
Urban Stormwater Management Tools (Mays) 135.00
Use of Best Management Practices (BMPs) in Urban Watersheds (Field) 88.50
Using Statistical Methods for Water Quality Management (McBride) 150.00
Wastewater Bacteria (Gerardi) 64.00
Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Reuse, 4th edition (Metcalf and Eddy)229.95
Wastewater Microbiology, 3rd edition (Bitton) 111.00
Wastewater Pathogens (Gerardi and Zimmerman)63.95
Wastewater Purification: Aerobic Granulation in Sequencing Batch Reactors (Liu)143.95
Wastewater Sludge Processing (Turovskiy) 88.00
Water and Wastewater Engineering (Davis) 149.00
Water Desalting: Planning guide for Water Utilities (AWA) 159.00
Water Distribution Systems Handbook (Mays) 130.00
Water Quality and Treatment: A Handbook on Drinking Water, 6th edition (Edzwald) 174.00
Water Quality Control Handbook, 2nd edition (Alley) 149.00
Water Quality Engineering in Natural Systems (Chin) 129.00
Water Quality Trading: A Guide for the Wastewater Community (Jones) 147.00
Water Resources Engineering, 2nd edition (Mays) 164.95
Water Resources Sustainability: Security, Natural Disasters, Managing Water Resources, Climate (Mays) 124.00
Water Reuse for Irrigation: Agriculture, Landscape and Turf Grass (Lazarova) 158.95
Water Reuse Issues Technologies and Applications (Metcalf) 134.00
Watersheds: Processes, Assessment, and Management (DeBarry) 164.00
Water Softening with Potassium Chloride: Process, Health, and Environmental Benefits (West) 94.00
Water Supply Systems Security (Mays) 130.00
Water Treatment Made Simple for Operators (Sarai) 69.00
Water Treatment Plant Design, 4th edition (AWWA) 130.00
Water Treatment: Plant Performance Evaluations and Operations (O'Connor) 98.95
Water Treatment Principles and Design, 3rd edition (MWH/Crittenden) 199.00
Water Well Rehabilitation and Reconstruction (Houben) 89.95
Water Wells and Septic Systems Handbook (Woodson) 98.95
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