Communications Engineering
Systems Programming

Adaptive Array Systems: Fundamentals and Applications (Allen) 89.00
Antennas and Propagation for Wireless Communication Systems, 2nd edition (Saunders) 89.00
Antenna Theory: Analysis and Design, 3rd edition (Balanis) 134.00
Array and Phased Array Antenna Basics (Visser) 139.00
Communication Protocol Engineering (Popovic) 103.95
Dedicated Digital Processors: Methods in Hardware/Software system Design (Mayer) 139.00
Digital Techniques for Wideband Receivers, 2nd edition (Tsui) 108.00
Digital Telephony, 3rd edition (Bellamy) 134.95
Digital Video Image Quality and Perceptual Coding (Wu) 158.95
Emerging Wireless Multimedia Services and Technologies (Salkintzis and Passas) 139.00
Error Correcting Coding and Security for Data Networks: Analysis of the Superchannel Concept (Katatiansky) 149.00
Fundamentals of Communications Systems (Fitz) 114.00
Fundamentals of Global Positioning System Receivers: A Software Approach, 2nd edition (Tsui) 134.95
Fundamentals of Telecommunications, 2nd edition (Freeman) 109.00
Global Telecommunications: Broadband Access, Optical Components and Networks, and Cryptography (Desurvire) 98.00
Global Telecommunications: Signaling Principles, Network Protocols, and Wireless Systems (Desurvire) 83.95
Global Transmission Expansion: Recipes for Success (Woolf) 98.00
Handbook of Algorithms for Wireless Networking and Mobile Computing (Bourkerche) 128.95
Handbook of Mobile Middleware (Bellavista) 138.95
Independent Component Analysis (Hyvarinen) 134.00
Introduction to Multimedia Communications: Applications, Middleware, Networking (Rao) 129.00
Introduction to RF Propagation (Seybold) 89.95
IP Location: Geographic Location Measurement Delivery and Conveyance (Dawson) 68.95
Irwin Handbook of Telecommunications, 5th edition (Green) 128.95
Mastering Digital Television: Complete Guide to DTV Conversion (Whitaker) 78.95
Mathematical Models for Speech Technology (Levinson) 139.00
Memory Management for Synthesis of DSP Software (Murthy) 148.95
Microwave Ring Circuits and Related Structures, 2nd edition (Chang) 152.95
Microwave Transmission Networks: Planning Design and Deployment (Lehpamer) 115.00
MIMO System Technology for Wireless Communications (Tsoulos) 138.95
Mobile Computing: Technology, Applications, and Service Creations (Talukder) 98.95
Mobile Messaging Technologies and Services: SMS, EMS & NMS, 2nd edition (Le Bodic) 139.00
Modern Antenna Design, 2nd edition (Milligan) 168.95
Next Generation Mobile Systems (Etoh) 134.00
Optical Code Division Multiple Access: Fundamentals and Applications (Prucnal) 148.95
Performance Optimization of Digital Communications Systems (Mitlin) 108.95
RF and Microwave Power Amplifier Design (Grebennikov) 98.95
Roaming in Wireless Networks (Siddiqui) 98.95
Robust Adaptive Beamforming (Li) 128.50
Security Risk Management Body of Knowledge—SRMBOK (Talbot) 88.95
Signal Processing for Wireless Communications (Boccuzzi) 124.00
Smart Antennas for Wireless Communications with MATLAB (Gross) 104.95
Standard Handbook of Audio and Radio Engineering, 2nd edition (Whitaker) 131.00
Standard Handbook of Broadcast Engineering (Whitaker) 198.95
Standard Handbook of Video and Television Engineering, 4th edition (Whitaker and Benson) 157.00
UMTS Networks: Architecture Mobility and Services, 2nd edition (Kaaranen) 134.00
UMTS Signaling: UMTS Interfaces, Protocols, Message Flows and Procedures Analyzed and Explained (Kreher) 169.00
VoIP: Wireless, P2P and New Enterprise Voice Over IP (Ganguly) 99.00
VSAT Networks, 2nd edition (Maral) 174.00
Wimax Handbook: Building 802.16 Wireless Networks (Ohrtman) 64.00
Wireless and Cellular Telecommunications, 3rd edition (Lee) 98.95
Wireless Information Networks, 2nd edition (Pahlavan) 137.95
Wireless Personal Area Networks: Performance, Interconnections and Security with IEEE 802.15.4 (Misic) 129.00
Wireless Security Handbook (Earle) 78.95
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