Chemical and Biological Engineering

Adsorbents: Fundamentals and Applications (Yang) 120.95
Advanced Drying Technologies, 2nd edition (Kudra) 184.95
Analysis Synthesis and Design of Chemical Processes, 2nd edition (Turton) 137.00
Bioseparation Science and Engineering (Harrison) 119.00
Catalytic Membranes and Membrane Reactors (Marcano and Tsotsis) 199.00
Catalytic Naphtha Reforming 2nd edition (Antos) 198.95
Ceramic Membranes for Separation and Reaction (Li) 189.00
Chemical Engineering in the Pharmaceutical Industry: R&D to Manufacturing (am Ende) 198.95
Chemical Micro Process Engineering: Fundamentals, Modelling and Reactions (Hessel) 304.00
Chemical Micro Process Engineering: Processing and Plants (Hessel) 289.00
Chemical Process: Design and Integration (Smith) 84.00
Chemical Properties Handbook (Yaws) 130.00
Chemical Technician's Ready Reference Handbook, 4th edition (Shurar) 93.00
Computer-Aided Process and Product Engineering, 2 Volume Set (Puigjaner) 374.00
Concepts of Chemical Engineering 4 Chemists (Simons) 88.95
Cyclic Separating Reactors (Silveston) 242.95
Design and Devlopment of Biological, Chemical, Food and Pharmaceutical Products (Wesselingh) 149.00
Design of Experiments in Chemical Engineering: A Practical Guide (Lazic) 304.00
Diamond Chemical Vapor Deposition (Liu) 144.00
Distillation Control: An Engineering Perspective (Smith) 88.95
Distillation: Principles and Practice (Stichlmair and Fair) 173.95
Distillation Troubleshooting (Kister) 110.95
Downstream Industrial Biotechnology: Recovery and Purification (Flickinger) 249.00
Environmentally Conscious Materials and Chemicals Processing (Kutz) 129.00
Fine Chemicals: The Industry and the Business (Pollak) 124.00
Fluid Flow for the Practicing Chemical Engineer (Abulencia) 99.95
Fundamentals of Industrial Catalytic Processes, 2nd edition (Bartholomew) 103.95
Guidelines for Mechanical Integrity Systems with CD-ROM (CCPS) 139.00
Guidelines for Performing Effective Pre-Startup Safety Review (CCPS) 129.00
Guidelines for Risk Based Process Safety (CCPS) 149.00
Guidelines for Safe and Reliable Instrumented Protective Systems (CCPS) 124.00
Handbook of Analytical Instruments (Khandpur) 98.95
Handbook of Chemical and Environmental Engineering Calculations (Reynolds, Jeris, and Theodore) 144.00
High-Throughput Analysis in the Pharmaceutical Industry (Wang) I59.89
High Throughput Screening in Chemical Catalysis: Technologies, Strategies and Applications (Hagemeyer) 224.00
Hydrodynamics, Mass and Heat Transfer in Chemical Engineering (Polyanin) 178.95
Industrial Bioseparations: Principles and Practice (Forciniti) 99.95
Inherently Safer Chemical Process: A Life Cycle Approach, 2nd edition (CCPS) 88.95
Integrated Chemical Processes: Synthesis, Operation, Analysis and Control (Sundmacher) 289.00
Introduction to Chemical Engineering Computing (Finlayson) 58.95
Micro Instrumentation for High Throughput Experimentation and Process Intensification - a Tool for PAT (Koch) 199.00
Micromixers: Fundamentals, Design, and Fabrication (Nguyen) 139.00
Modeling and Simulation of Heterogeneous Catalytic Reactions: From the Molecular Process to the Technical System (Deutschmann) 194.00
Modern Chlor-Alkali Technology Volume 8 (Moorhouse) 209.00
Multiphase Bioreactor Design (Cabral) 178.95
NMR Imaging in Chemical Engineering (Stapf) 229.00
Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook, 8th edition (Green and Perry) 198.00
Principles and Practice of Automatic Process Control, 3rd edition (Smith) 243.95
Process Development: From the Initial Idea to the Chemical production Plant (Vogel) 239.00
Process Dynamics and Control, 3rd edition (Seborg) 176.95
Product and Process Design Principles: Synthesis, Analysis, and Evaluation, 2nd edition with cd-rom (Seider, Seader, and Lewin)168.00
Properties of Gases and Liquids, 5th edition (Poling) 125.00
Scale-Up in Chemical Engineering, 2nd edition (Zlokarnik) 174.00
Separation Process Principles, 2nd edition (Seader) 151.95
Structured Catalysts and Reactors, 2nd edition (Cybulski) 228.95
Successful Trouble Shooting for Process Engineers (Woods) 144.00
Thermal Safety of Chemical Processes: Risk Assessment and Process Design (Stoessel) 144.00
Thermophysical Properties of Chemicals and Hydrocarbons (Yaws) 294.00
Transport Phenomena for Chemical Reactor Design (Belfiore) 147.95
Troubleshooting Process Plant Control (lieberman) 73.95
Ullmann's Chemical Engineering and Plant Design 2 Volumes 634.00
Ullmann's Modeling and Simulation 224.00
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