Industrial Chemistry
General Polymer Science

Additives in Polymers: Industrial Analysis and Applications (Bart) 459.00
Biopolymers at Interfaces 2nd edition (Malmsten) 278.95
Biopolymers Volume 5: Polysaccharides 1: Polysaccharides from Prokaryotes (Vandamme) 374.00
Biopolymers Volume 6: Polysaccharides II: Polysaccharides from Eukaryotes (De Baets) 394.00
Biotechnology of Biopolymers: From Synthesis to Patents 2-Volume Set (Steinbuchel and Doi) 524.00
Block Copolymers: Synthetic Strategies, Physical Properties, and Applications (Hadjichristidis, Pispas, Floudas) 174.00
Chemistry and Technology of Emulsion Polymerisation (Van Herk) 219.00
Concise Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Technology, 3rd edition 374.00
Conductive Electroactive Polymers (Wallace) 238.95
Conductive Polymers and Plastics in Industrial Applications (Ruprecht) 204.00
Degradable Polymers: Principles and Applications, 2nd edition (Scott) 318.00
Developments in Block Copolymer Science and Technology (Hamley) 219.00
DNA Interactions with Polymers and Surfactants (Dias) 149.00
Essentials of Polymer Science and Engineering (Painter) 193.50
Fluorinated Ionomers (Grot) 198.00
Functional Networks and Gels (Geissler) 169.00
Handbook of Enthalpy Data of Polymer-Solvent Systems (Wohlfarth) 288.95
Handbook of Molded Part Shrinkage and Warpage (Fischer) 298.00
Handbook of Paper and Pulp Chemicals (Ash) 290.00
Handbook of Paper and Pulp Chemicals CD-ROM—single user (Ash) 270.00
Handbook of Paper and Pulp Chemicals CD-ROM—network version 1-5 users (Ash) 679.00
Handbook of Polymer Degradation 2nd edition (Hamid) 268.95
Handbook of Polymer Reaction Engineering 2 Volumes (Meyer) 519.00
Handbook of Radical Polymerization (Matyjaszewski) 259.00
Handbook of Thermodynamic Data of Aqueous Polymer Solutions (Wohlfarth) 258.95
High Performance Polymers (Fink) 244.00
Indirect Food Additives and Polymers: Migration and Toxicology (Sheftel) 188.95
Introduction to the Mechanical Properties of Solid Polymers (Ward) 236.95
MDI and TDI: Safety Health and the Environment (Allport/Gilbert/Outterside) 189.00
Miscible Polymer Blends (Coleman) 149.00
Molecular Simulation Methods for Predicting Polymer Properties (Galiatsatos) 120.95
PET Packaging Technology (Brooks and Giles) 158.95
Polymer Brushes (Advincula et al) 324.00
Polymer Characterization Laboratory Techniques and Analysis (Cheremisinoff) 132.00
Polymer Chemistry (Davis) 287.00
Polymer Gels: Fundamentals and Applications (Bohidar) 162.00
Polymer Handbook 2-Volume Set, 4th edition (Brandrup, Immergut, Grulke) 509.00
Polymer Interfaces and Emulsions (Esumi) 238.95
Polypropylene (Maier and Calafut) 339.00
Practical Aspects of Finite Element Modelling of Polymer Processing (Nassehi) 309.00
Practical Guide to Understanding the NMR of Polymers (Mirali) 118.00
Practical Injection Molding (Olmsted/Davis) 128.95
Principles of Polymerization 4th edition (Odian) 128.95
Principles of Polymer Processing, 2nd edition (Tadmor) 136.95
Principles of Polymer Science and Technology in Cosmetics and Personal Care (Goddard) 288.95
Responsive Polymer Materials: Design and Applications (Minko) 210.95
Rotational Molding Technology (Crawford) 209.00
Specialty Polymer Additives: Principles and Applications (Al-Malaika) 269.95
Step-Growth Polymerization Process Modeling and Product Design (Seaver) 144.00
Synthetic Methods in Step-Growth Polymers (Rogers) 179.00
Techniques for Polymer Organization and Morphology Characterizatioin (Pethrick) 279.00
Water-Soluble Polymer Applications in Foods (Nussinovitch) 183.95
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