Civil/Structural Engineering

Analysis and Design of Plated Structures Volume 1: Stability (Shanmugam) 248.95
Analysis and Design of Substructures: Limit State Design, 2nd edition (Saran) 238.95
APA Engineered Wood Handbook (Williamson) 120.00
Applied Statistics for Civil and Environmental Engineers, 2nd edition (Kottegoda) 153.95
Basic Principles of Plates and Slabs for Safer and More Cost-Effective Structures (Lowe) 98.95
Bridge Builders (Pearch and Jobson) 144.00
Bridge Engineering: Design, Rehabilitation, and Maintenance of Modern Highway Bridges, 2nd edition (Tonias) 114.00
Bridge Engineering Handbook (Chen and Duan) 198.95
Bridge Engineering: Substructure Design (Chen and Duan) 118.95
Bridge Management (Yanev) 139.00
Building Type Basics for Transit Facilities (Griffin) 74.00
Buried Pipe Design, 2nd edition (Moser) 84.00
Civil Engineering Handbook 2nd edition (Chen and Liew) 168.95
Construction Dewatering and Groundwater Control: New Methods and Applications, 3rd edition (Powers) 149.00
Construction Site Erosion and Sediment Controls: Planning, Design and Performance (Pitt) 149.00
Creep and Fracture in High Temperature Components: Design and Life Assessment Issues (Shibli) 293.50
Deep Excavation: Theory and Practice (Ou) 188.95
Design Analysis in Rock Mechanics (Pariseau) 198.95
Durability of Materials and Structures in Building and Civil Engineering (Bull) 184.00
Earthquake Engineering for Structural Design (Chen) 98.95
Earthquake Engineering: From Engineering Seismology to Performance-Based Engineering (Bozorgnia) 198.95
Earthquake Engineering Handbook (Chen and Scawthorn) 218.95
Environmental Vibrations: Predictions, Monitoring, Mitigation and Evaluation (Takemiya) 198.95
Foundation Engineering: Design and Construction in Tropicsl Soils (Huat) 138.95
Fundamentals of Soil Mechanics for Sedimentary and Residual Rocks (Wesley) 119.95
Geotechnical Engineering: Soil and Foundation Principles and Practice, 5th edition (Handy) 128.00
Geotechnical Laboratory Measurements for Engineers (Germaine) 84.00
Guide to Stability Design Criteria for Metal Structures, 6th edition (Ziemian) 174.00
Handbook for Blast Resistant Design of Buildings (Dusenberry) 149.00
Handbook of Civil Engineering Calculations, 2nd edition (Hicks) 149.00
Hydrosystems Engineering Uncertainty Analysis (Tung) 129.00
In Situ Rock Stress (Lu) 228.95
Inspection and Monitoring Techniques for Bridges and Civil Structures (Fu) 238.95
Land Development Handbook: Planning, Engineering, and Surveying, 3rd edition (Dewberry) 149.00
Landforming (Schor) 129.00
Landslides in Practice (Cornforth) 174.00
Numerical Modeling of Construction Processes in Geotechnical Engineering for Urban Environment (Triantafvuidis) 178.95
Piping Calculations Manual (Menon) 98.95
Piping Databook (Nayyar) 104.00
Piping Handbook (Nayyar) 141.00
Practical Enhanced Reservoir Engineering Assisted with Simulation Software (Satter) 124.00
Principles of Water Resources: History, Development, Management, and Policy, 3rd edition (Cech) 119.95
Risk Assessment in Geotechnical Engineering (Fenton) 144.95
Soil Strength and Slope Stability (Duncan) 139.00
Standard Handbook for Civil Engineers 5th edition (Merritt, Loftin, Ricketts) 157.00
Structural Condition Assessment (Ratay) 159.00
Structural Design for Fire Safety (Buchanan) 104.00
Structural Engineering Handbook, 4th edition (Gaylord) 139.00
Structural Engineer's Professional Training Manual (Adams) 88.95
Structural Health Monitoring 2008 (Uhl) 289.00
Structural Stability of Steel: Concepts and Applications for Structural Engineers (Galambos) 119.00
Structural Steel Designer's Handbook, 4th edition (Brockenbrough) 149.00
Structural Wood Design: A Practice-Oriented Approach Using the ASD Method (Aghayere) 94.00
Transportation Infrastructure Security Utilizing Intelligent Transportation Systems (Fries) 144.00
Trenchless Technology: Pipeline and Utility Design, Construction, and Renewal (Najafi) 120.00
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