Pharmaceutical Science and Technology
Analysis • Testing • Evaluation
Clinical Trials

Analysing Survival Data from Clinical Trials and Observational Studies (Marubini) 89.00
Analytical Methods for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Toxicology (Xu) 157.00
Animal Models of Cognitive Impairment (Levin) 148.95
Basic Statistics and Pharmaceutical Statistical Applications (Muth) 84.95
Chromatographic Analysis of Pharmaceuticals 2nd edition (Adamovics) 194.00
Clarke's Analysis of Drugs and Poisons 4th edition Print & Online Package 739.00
Clarke's Analysis of Drugs and Poisons 3rd edition CD-ROM • Special while quantities last 299.95
Clinical Trials: A Methodologic Perspective, 2nd edition (Piantadosi) 134.00
Clinical Trials Handbook (Gad) 194.00
Clinical Trials in Psychopharmacology: A Better Brain, 2nd edition (Hertzman) 99.00
Concise Guide to Clinical Trials (Hackshaw) 49.95
Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials, 2nd edition (Chow) 174.00
Design and Analysis of Cross-Over Trials, 2nd edition (Jones and Kenward) 108.95
Design and Management of Medical Device Clinical Trials: Strategies and challenges (Abdel-Aleem) 88.95
Design Execution and Management of Medical Device Clinical Trials (Abdel-Aleem) 83.95
Designing Clinical Research, 3rd edition (Hulley) 79.95
Dictionary for Clinical Trials, 2nd edition (Day) 44.00
Drug Discovery and Evaluation: Safety and Pharmacokinetic Assays (Vogel) 388.00
Drug Products for Clinical Trials, 2nd edition (Monkhouse) 228.95
Drug Stability: Principles and Practices 3rd edition (Carstensen) 228.95
Drug Testing in Vitro: Breakthroughs and Trends in Cell Culture Technology (Marx) 185.00
Early Drug Development: Strategies and Routes to First-in-Human Trials (Cayen) 148.95
Expression and Analysis of Recombinant Ion Channels (Clare) 189.00
Handbook of Bioequivalence Testing (Niazi) 298.95
Handbook of Drug Screening, 2nd edition (Seethala) 289.95
Handbook of Mouse Models of Cardiovascular Disease (Xu) 219.00
Handbook of Pharmaceutical Analysis (Ohannesian/Streeter) 298.95
Impurities Evaluation of Pharmaceuticals (Ahuja) 198.95
Introduction to Statistics in Early Phase Trials (Julious) 99.00
Investigative Electrocardiography in Epidemiological Studies and Clinical Trials (Rautaharju) 214.00
In-Vitro Toxicity Testing: Applications to Safety Evaluation (Frazier) 154.00
Laboratory Quality Assurance System with CD-ROM, 3rd edition (Ratliff) 126.00
Liposomes: Rational Design (Janoff) 228.00
Management of Data in Clinical Trials, 2nd edition (McFadden) 115.95
Manager's Guide to the Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials, 2nd edition (Good) 89.95
Microbiological Assay for Pharmaceutical Analysis (Hewitt) 318.95
Micro Instrumentation for High Throughput Experimentation and Process Intensification - a Tool for PAT (Koch) 199.00
Missing Data in Clinical Studies (Molenberghs) 109.00
Modern Pharmaceutics Volume 1: Basic Principles and Systems, 5th edition (Banker) 248.95
Modern Pharmaceutics Volume 2: Applications and Advances, 5th edition (Banker) 248.95
Modern Pharmaceutics 2-Volume Set, 5th edition (Banker) 448.95
New Drug Approval Process, 5th edition (Guarino) 289.95
Pharmaceutical Bioassays: Methods and Applications (Peng) 124.00
Pharmaceutical Chemical Analysis: Methods for Identification and Limit Tests (Pederson) 188.95
Pharmaceutical Dissolution Testing (Banakar) 248.95
Pharmaceutical Dissolution Testing (Dressman) 228.95
Pharmaceutical Experimental Design and Interpretation, 2nd edition (Armstrong) 228.95
Pharmaceutical Photostability and Stabilization Technology (Piechocki) 248.95
Pharmaceutical Stress Testing: Predicting Drug Degradation, 2nd edition (Baertschi) 328.95
Photostability of Drugs and Drug Formulations 2nd edition (Tonnesen) 238.95
Point of Care Testing: Performance Improvement and Evidence-Based Outcomes (Nichols) 248.95
Practical Guide to Clinical Data Management, 2nd edition (Prokscha) 172.95
Practical Guide to Quality Management in Clinical Trial Research (Ogg) 228.95
Preclinical Safety Evaluation of Biopharmaceuticals (Cavagnaro) 149.00
Process Validation in Manufacturing of Biopharmaceuticals: Guidelines, Current Practices and Industrial Case Studies (Rathore) 244.95
Quality of Life Outcomes in Clinical Trials and Health Care Evaluation: A Practical Guide to Analysis and Interpretation (Walters) 89.00
Stability-Indicating HPLC Methods for Drug Analysis, 3rd edition (Xu) 298.00
Standards of Mouse Model Phenotyping (Angelis) 189.00
Statistical Thinking for Non-Statisticians in Drug Regulation (Kay) 84.00
Textbook of Clinical Trials, 2nd edition (Machin) 420.00
Theory of Response-Adaptive Randomization in Clinical Trials (Hu) 100.95
Toxicological Testing Handbook: Principles, Applications, and Data Interpretation, 2nd edition (Kram) 228.95
Traditional Herbal Medicine Research Methods: Identification, Analysis, Bioassay, and Pharmaceutical and Clinical Studies (Liu) 134.00
Validating Pharmaceutical Systems (Andrews) 298.95
Validation Standard Operating Procedures Book + CD-ROM, 2nd edition (Haider) 268.95
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