Drug Targeting and Disease Management
Technology and Research

Allosteric Receptor Modulation in Drug Targeting (Bowery) 228.95
Angiogenesis Assays: A Critical Appraisal of Current Techniques (Staton) 179.00
Angiogenesis: From Science to Clinical Applications (Ferrara) 178.95
Antidepressants: Past, Present and Future (Preskorn, Feighner, Stanga and Ross) 448.00
Antiepileptic Drugs, 5th edition (Levy et al) 188.00
Antiepileptic Drugs to Treat Psychiatric Disorders (McElroy) 178.95
Antisense Drug Technology: Principles, Strategies, and Applications, 2nd edition (Crooke) 238.95
Antiviral Agents, Vaccines and Immunotherapies (Tyring) 228.95
Apicomplexan Parasites: Molecular Approaches toward Targeted Drug Development (Becker) 158.95
Ashgate Handbook of Anti-Infective Agents: An International Guide to 1600 Drugs in Current Use (Milne) 219.00
Ashgate Handbook of Antineoplastic Agents: An International Guide to 432 Cancer Agents (Milne) 147.50
Ashgate Handbook of Autonomic Nervous System Agents: An International Guide to 2000 Drugs in Current Use (Milne) 289.00
Ashgate Handbook of Cardiovascular Agents: An International Guide to 1900 Drugs in Current Use (Milne) 284.00
Ashgate Handbook of Endocrine Agents: An International Guide to 818 Drugs in Current Use (Milne) 204.00
Atlas of Psychiatric Pharmacotherapy, 2nd edition (Shiloh) 188.95
Biologics in General Medicine (Boehncke) 168.00
Biology of Depression: From Novel Insights to Therapeutic Strategies, 2-Volume Set (Licinio and Wong) 604.00
Calreticulin 2nd edition (Eggleton and Michalak) 198.00
Cancer and Inflammation (Gordon) 169.00
Chemistry and Pharmacology of Anticancer Drugs (Thurston) 188.95
Chemokine Receptors as Drug Targets (Smit) 194.00
Clinical Applications of Antibiotics and Antiinflammatory Drugs in Ophthalmology (Garb) 128.00
Clinical Pharmacology of Sleep (Pandi-Perumal) 188.00
Colorectal Cancer (Cassidy) 228.95
Combating the Threat of Pandemic Influenza: Drug Discovery Approaches (Torrence) 134.00
Drug Discovery for Nervous System Diseases (Hefti) 110.95
Drug Targeting Technology: Physical • Chemical • Biological Methods (Schreier) 168.95
Drug Therapy for Osteoporosis (Kleerekoper) 138.95
Erythrocyte Engineering for Drug Delivery and Targeting (Magnani) 197.00
Genomics, Proteomics, and Vaccines (Grandi) 209.00
GPCR Molecular Pharmacology and Drug Targeting (Gilchrist) 148.95.00
Inosine Monophosphate Dehydrogenase: A Major Therapeutic Target (Pankiewicz) 134.00
In Silico Technologies in Drug Target Identification and Validation (Leon) 148.95
Insulin Resistance: Insulin Action and Its Disturbances in Disease (Kumar) 219.00
Medication Treatments for Nicotine Dependence (George) 148.95
Metallotherapeutic Drugs and Metal-Based Diagnostic Agents (Gielen) 329.00
Mouse Models of Human Cancer (Holland) 242.95
Nimesulide Action and Uses (Rainsford) 168.00
Novel Therapeutic Targets for Antiarrhythmic Drugs (Billman) 156.95
Nucleic Acid Testing for Human Disease (Lorincz) 168.95
Patterson's Allergic Diseases, 7th edition (Grammer and Greenberger) 138.00
Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes (Ganz) 169.00
Prodrugs and Targeted Delivery: Towards Better ADME Properties (Rautio) 194.00
Transcription Factors in the Nervous Systems (Thiel) 149.00
Vector Targeting for Therapeutic Gene Delivery (Curiel) 195.95
Voltage-Gated Ion Channels as Drug Tragets (Triggle) 214.00
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