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Plastics and Rubber

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Biaxial Stretching of Film: Principles and Applications (DeMeuse) 229.00
Chemical Resistance, Volume 1: Thermoplastics, 2nd edition 324.00
Chemical Resistance, Volume 2: Elastomers, Thermosets, and Rubber, 2nd edition 324.00
Chemical Resistance: Thermoplastics, Rubbers, Thermosets, Thermoplastic Elastomers CD-ROM, 4th edition (Willoughby) 624.00
Coloring of Plastics: Fundamentals, 2nd edition (Charvat) 144.00
Coloring Technology for Plastics (Harris) 204.00
Compounding Precipitated Silica in Elastomers (Hewitt) 248.00
Concise Encyclopedia of Plastics (Rosato) 497.00
Conductive Polymers and Plastics in Industrial Applications (Ruprecht) 204.00
Database of Antiblocking, Release and Slip Additives CD-ROM (Wypych) 164.00
Design, Manufacturing and Applications of Composites (Poon) 168.00
Dynamic Mechanical Analysis for Plastics Engineering (Sepe) 314.00
Effect of Creep and Other Time-Related Factors on Plastics and Elastomers 324.00
Effect of Sterilization Methods on Plastics and Elastomers, 2nd edition (Massey) 334.00
Effect of Temperature and Other Factors on Plastics and Elastomers, 2nd edition (McKeen) 324.00
Effects of UV Light and Weather on Plastics and Elastomers 329.00
Engineering Plastics Handbook: Thermoplastics Properties and Applications (Margolis) 149.00
Essential Rubber Formulary: Formulas for Practitioners (Chandrasekaran) 119.00
Extrusion: The Definitive Processing Guide and Handbook (Giles, Wagner, Mount) 352.00
Film Properties of Plastics and Elastomers: A Guide to Non-Wovens in Packaging Applications, 2nd edition (Massey) 298.00
Fluorelastomers Handbook: The Definitive User's Guide and Databook (Moore) 274.00
Fluoroplastics Volume 1: Non-Melt Processible Fluoroplastics (Ebnesajjad) 334.00
Fluoroplastics Volume 2: Melt Processible Fluoropolymerss (Ebnesajjad) 329.00
Fluoropolymers Applications in Chemical Processing Industries (Ebnesajjad) 344.00
Functional Fillers for Plastics (Xanthos) 239.00
Handbook of Antiblocking, Release and Slip Additives (Wypych) 264.00
Handbook of Condensation Thermoplastic Elastomers (Fakiron) 389.00
Handbook of Material Weathering, 3rd edition (Wypych) 294.00
Handbook of Plastic and Rubber Additives 2nd edition, 2-Volume Set (Ash) 474.00
Handbook of Plastic and Rubber Additives 2nd edition CD-ROM—single user (Ash) 390.00
Handbook of Plastic and Rubber Additives 2nd edition CD-ROM—network version 1-5 users (Ash) 980.00
Handbook of Plastic Foams: Types, Properties, Manufacture, and Applications (Landrock)169.00
Handbook of Plasticizers (Wypych) 294.00
Handbook of Plastic Processes (Harper) 158.95
Handbook of Plastics Joining: A Practical Guide, 2nd edition (Troughton)324.00
Handbook of Plastics Technologies (Harper) 149.00
Handbook of Plastics Testing and Failure Analysis, 3rd edition (Shah) 131.95
Handbook of Thermoplastic Elastomers (Drobny) 294.00
Handbook of Thermoset Plastics, 2nd edition (Goodman)206.00
Handbook of Vinyl Formulating, 2nd edition (Grossman) 134.00
Imaging and Image Analysis Applications for Plastics (Pourdeyhimi) 204.00
Industrial Design of Plastics Products (Gordon) 149.00
Mass Transport and Reactive Barriers in Packaging: Theory, Applications and Design (Solovyov) 189.00
Mechanical Evaluation Strategies for Plastics (Turner and Moore) 238.95
Multifunctional and Nanoreinforced Polymers for Food Packaging (Lagarõn) 299.00
Nanomaterials by Severe Plastic Deformation (Zehetbauer and Valiev) 4044.00
Plasticizers Database CD-ROM 294.00
Plastic Packaging: Interactions with Food and Pharmaceuticals, 2nd edition (Piringer) 329.00
Plastics Additives Volume 1, 3rd edition (Flick) 146.00
Plastics Additives Volume 2, 3rd edition (Flick) 146.00
Plastics Additives Volume 3, 3rd edition (Flick) 146.00
Plastics Additives Database CD-ROM 339.00
Plastics Failure: Analysis and Prevention (Moalli) 219.00
Plastics Materials and Processes: A Concise Encyclopedia (Harper/Petrie) 134.00
Poly (Lactic Acid): Synthesis, Structures, Properties, Processing, and Applications (Auras) 148.95
Polyurethane and Fire: Fire Performance Testing Under Real Conditions (Prager) 289.00
Reactive Polymers Fundamentals and Applications: A Concise Guide (Fink) 320.00
Rubber Formulary (Ciullo) 298.00
Selection of Polymeric Materials: How to Select Design Properties from Different Standards (Campo) 229.00
Specialized Molding Techniques (Heim and Potente) 204.00
Step-Growth Polymerization Process Modeling and Product Design (Seaver) 144.00
Technology of Plastics Packaging for the Consumer Market (Giles and Bain) 178.95
Thermoplastic Foam Processing: Principles and Applications (Gendron) 188.95
Total Quality Process Control for Injection Molding, 2nd edition (Gordon) 174.00
Toughening of Plastics (Pearson) 269.00
Weathering of Plastics: Testing to Mirror Real Life Performance (Wypych) 209.00
Web Machine Buying Guide (Roisum) 174.00
Wood-Plastic Composites (Klyosov) 179.00
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