Textiles and Fabrics
Textile Chemistry
Pulp and Paper

Biodegradable and Sustainable Fibres (Blackburn) 278.95
Biomechanical Engineering of Textiles and Clothing (Li) 268.95
Carr and Latham's Technology of Clothing Manufacture, 4th edition (Tyler) 68.95
Chemical Finishing of Textiles (Schindler and Hauser) 238.95
Clothing Biosensory Engineering (Wong) 248.95
Coated and Laminated Textiles (Fung) 238.95
Coated Textiles: Principles and Applications (Sen) 198.95
Colour Design: Theories and Applications (Best) 314.00
Design and Manufacture of Textile Composites (Long) 248.95
Digital Printing of Textiles (Ujiie) 258.95
Effect of Mechanical and Physical Properties on Fabric Hand (Behery) 238.95
Encyclopedia of Textile Finishing, 3-Volume Set + CD-ROM (Rouette) 1,600.00
Fire Behavior of Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses (Krasny)129.00
Fundamentals and Advances in Knitting Technology (Ray) 179.00
Fundamentals of Spun Yarn Technology (Lawrence) 238.95
Handbook of Antistatics (Pionteck) 274.00
Handbook of Fiber Chemistry, 3rd edition (Lewin) 238.95
Handbook of Fire Resistant Textiles (Kilinc) 324.00
Handbook of Nonwovens (Russell) 299.00
Handbook of Paper and Board, 2nd edition 2-Volume Set (Holik) 338.00
Handbook of Paper and Paperboard Packaging Technology, 2nd edition (Kirwan) 198.95
Handbook of Paper and Pulp Chemicals (Ash) 320.00
Handbook of Paper and Pulp Chemicals CD-ROM—single user (Ash) 295.00
Handbook of Paper and Pulp Chemicals CD-ROM—network version 1-5 users (Ash) 735.00
Handbook of Paper and Wood Packaging Technology: Carton, Crates and Corrugated Board (Twede) 169.00
Handbook of Technical Textiles (Horrocks and Anand) 358.95
Handbook of Textile Processing Chemicals (Ash) 320.00
Handbook of Textile and Industrial Dyeing Volume 1: Principles, Process and Types of Dyes (Clark) 299.00
Handbook of Textile and Industrial Dyeing Volume 2: Applications of Dyes (Clark) 229.00
Handbook of Textile Processing Chemicals CD-ROM—single user (Ash)295.00
Handbook of Textile Processing Chemicals CD-ROM—network version 1-5 users (Ash) 735.00
Handbook of Thermoplastic Polyesters 2-Volume Set (Fakirov) 754.00
Handbook of Weaving (Adanur) 247.95
Identification of Textile Fibers (Houck) 264.00
Industrial Cutting of Textile Materials (Vilumsone-Nemes) 209.00
Industrial Engineering in Apparel Production (Babu) 159.00
Intelligent Textiles and Clothing (Mattila) 278.95
Medical Textiles and Biomaterials for Healthcare (Anand) 248.95
Modern Polyesters: Chemistry and Technology of Polyesters and Copolyesters (Scheirs and Long) 449.00
Multidisciplinary Know-How for Smart Textiles Developers (Kirstein) 279.00
New Product Development in Textiles: Innovation and Production (Horne) 209.00
Physical Properties of Textile Fibres, 4th edition (Morton 354.00
Plasma Technology for Hyperfunctional Surfaces: Food, Biomedical and Textile Applications (Rauscher) 204.00
Pulp and Paper Mill Effluent Environmental Fate and Effects (Borton) 209.00
Smart Textiles for Protection (Chapman) 244.00
Specialist Yarn and Fabric Structures: Developments and Applications (Gong) 244.00
Textiles for Protection (Scott) 358.95
Textiles in Sport (Shishoo) 238.95
Total Colour Management in Textiles (Xin) 228.95
Training and Development of Technical Staff in the Textile Industry (Purushothama) 159.00
Tufted Carpet: Textile Fibers, Dyes, Finishes, and Processes (Moody and Needles) 174.00
Yarn Texturing Technology (Hearle) 278.95
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